eureka magazine: The secret of successful tendering

21 Jul 2014

When a company reassesses or reviews its materials handling fleet strategy, it takes time to reach the right decision. After all, a fleet is a major financial outlay and it is important to get it right – to have a fleet that sits nicely in the ‘Cinderella zone’ – not too big, not too small, just... Read more

Heavy duty efficiency from intelligent electric lift truck design

4 Jul 2014

The latest 4 to 5 tonne electric counterbalance range from Cat® Lift Trucks has been designed to offer a very efficient and cost-effective alternative in situations that would normally require an IC engine truck.

Power and economy

While the power of the Cat® EP40-50(C)(S)2 range is... Read more

eureka magazine: Demystifying the choices for pallets

16 Apr 2014

While much attention is given to expensive and often highly sophisticated material handling, storage and transport equipment, a supply chain’s efficiency and profitability can be jeopardised by something as simple as using the wrong pallets.

Mark Nicholson takes a look at the issues... Read more

eureka magazine: The secrets of supervising safety

16 Apr 2014

Lift truck safety is a complex and multifaceted combination of training, established company procedures and continuous supervision, in which the skills and ability of the supervisor are critical. How much of this is innate capability, how much can be taught, and how can good companies improve... Read more

eureka magazine: Safely securing road freight loads

16 Apr 2014

As many as a quarter of all accidents involving road freight vehicles result from poor load security. Keeping loads secure is a huge subject, on which a number of large regulatory and advisory documents have been written. To understand it all fully you must be prepared to do a lot of reading and... Read more


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