Heavy duty power pallet trucks
Battery powered pallet truck
NPF20N3R heavy duty pallet trucks

If smooth, swift and efficient horizontal transport is an important element of your warehouse handling operations, this range of Cat® power pallet trucks is for you.

A power pallet truck is one of the most essential tools in materials handling. Powered by batteries, the power pallet truck allows for easier lifting and movement of heavy pallets.

The Cat range of power pallet trucks includes pedestrian, platform and stand-in models, offering highly versatile choices. Built with advanced AC motors, which give excellent traction and ramp performance even when laden, these electric power pallet trucks require minimal maintenance and consume less energy than trucks with traditional DC motors.

Benefits of Cat® power pallet trucks:

  • Each of our electric power pallet trucks offers benefits which will improve your warehousing operations; increasing efficiency and saving you time and money.
  • The ‘pedestrian’ and ‘platform’ power pallet trucks are controlled by cleverly designed tiller heads, with precise and intuitive controls that link the operator almost seamlessly to the pallet truck and pallet load.
  • The stand-in and sit-on electric power truck models incorporate control consoles for accurate handling within ergonomic and well-protected operator compartments that are safer, more comfortable and easier to use.
  • Powerful Cat systems give the power pallet trucks a smooth, controllable feel which improves the safety of the operator and of other staff in the vicinity, whilst also helping to prevent accidental damage to the forks, loads and racking.

As with other Cat forklifts, the power pallet trucks can be set up to match your application requirements through the programmable electronic controller, while built-in diagnostics monitor functions to maximise uptime. Additionally, their efficient regenerative braking saves energy and helps reduce mechanical brake wear and maintenance costs.

Externally, the smooth contours of the electric power pallet trucks are not only stylish but functional and hard-wearing; allowing easy access to all components and minimising essential maintenance time. With cold storage modifications available on most models, this Cat power pallet range is capable of meeting the challenges of a wide range of day-to-day loading bay and shuttle applications.

Cat power pallet trucks are available with specially developed, energy-efficient, long-life, lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries to work flawlessly in any operation, day and night, needing only brief opportunity charging during breaks. With up to 30% lower energy consumption from the grid compared to conventional lead-acid batteries, they reduce carbon footprint and save on electricity costs. In addition, no downtime for maintenance or battery exchanges is required, making Li-ion batteries the modern and most cost-efficient choice.

Our range of electric power pallet trucks:

  • The NPP16-20N3 pedestrian power pallet trucks are ideal for loading and unloading, and for work in confined areas. They include a double pallet handler, NPP12N2D, which can carry two pallets simultaneously (one above the other).
  • The NPV/NPF20-25N3 platform power pallet trucks, with foldable or fixed platforms, meet the challenges of intensive loading and unloading, short or long transport, and even order picking.
  • The NPV20N3D / NPF20N3D(R)(S) platform double pallet handler also saves time by carrying two pallets simultaneously.
  • The NPR20-30N2 stand-in power pallet trucks, for both long and short transport distances, are commonly equipped with long forks for double or even triple pallet handling, and with their higher capacity they can increase productivity and reduce cost of operation. Thanks to their compact design, excellent manoeuvrability and rapid movement, they also enable increased stock density. High ergonomic standards and a protected driver position allow the driver to operate with perfect visibility and a relaxed position for intense operations.
  • The NPS20-30N2 sit-on power pallet trucks can cover large internal transport distances, carrying heavy and long loads. At the same time, they are compact and highly manoeuvrable for work in narrow aisles and high-density storage areas. They offer a space-saving solution with high power, speed and productivity. Importantly, their optimised ergonomics and comfort help to maintain the operator’s performance through intensive shifts.

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