Expand your horizons with the versatility of a Cat® four-way reach truck – and discover day-long comfort and productivity.

Cat four-way reach trucks can handle both normal pallet loads and extremely long items, thanks to a wide hydraulic fork spreader. This combines with fast direction changes and four-way movement – forward, backward, leftward and rightward – to enable swift manoeuvring even in narrow aisles.

Operation of the reach truck is relaxed but precise, via multifunctional joystick and Palm Steering control units. Armrest positions and floor height are adjustable for a perfect driver fit, while the strain of viewing loads at height in high racking is reduced by a tilting, weight-adjusted seat.

Rapid, smooth and safe performance throughout the warehouse is ensured by automatic adjustment of drive and hydraulic speed, when necessary, in relation to steering angle, lift height and load weight. Stability-enhancing control of mast tilt is standard or optional depending on your choice of mast.

Downtime and total cost of operation are minimised by the robust construction and easy maintenance features of these four-way reach trucks. This includes a user-friendly display, onboard diagnostics and quick access for servicing. Further savings are possible through the virtually maintenance-free Li-ion battery option, with its higher efficiency and longer life.

  • PIN code identification and programmability prevent unauthorised use and allow matching of truck performance settings to driver experience and application.
  • User-friendly display and onboard diagnostics encourage correct use of truck and speed up maintenance.
  • Easy battery access enables driver to make quick checks without leaving the truck.
  • Fast service access to systems and components reduces downtime.
  • Li-ion battery option adds even greater efficiency and runtime, along with minimal maintenance needs and much longer life, for lower long-term total cost of operation (TCO).
  • Robust construction minimises damage and wear, even in demanding multi-shift operations.
  • Heavy duty drive wheel is highly durable and easy to maintain, with a larger diameter, extra width and unique tread design which increase grip and stability as well as lifetime.

  • 360-degree synchronised steering enables versatile forward, backward and sideways movement, with rapid changes in direction.
  • Wide hydraulic fork spreader allows easy adaptation to both long and normal loads.
  • Automatic drive speed reduction makes smooth adjustments according to steering angle and fork height to maintain stability, safety and confidence when cornering or carrying raised loads.
  • Load-weight-adjusted control of maximum travel speed allows fast but safe performance.
  • Automatic hydraulic motion control optimises lift, lower, reach, tilt and side shift speeds according to lift height and keeps all movements smooth, quiet and precise.
  • Mast Tilt Control (MTC) damping system reduces oscillations by up to 80%, allowing faster and more stable load handling. (Standard on tilting masts with lift heights above 7.25 m. Optional for other tilting masts.)
  • Tilting mast reduces aisle width necessary and enhances safety of handling in lifts up to 10 m.
  • Fast travel and lift speeds come as standard.•Motor-powered battery bed option enables exchanges in just one minute, for 24/7 productivity.
  • Li-ion option enhances performance and permits fast opportunity charging for continuous operation without battery changes.

  • Palm Steering on adjustable floating armrest offers relaxed driving position and operation with minimal movement, effort or strain – ideal if driver is seated for long periods.
  • Multifunctional joystick with adjustable armrest fits hand perfectly, positions all hydraulic controls optimally, minimises effort and enables precise individual and simultaneous actions.
  • Optional fingertip hydraulic controls with adjustable armrest ensure ergonomically perfect hand positioning, anatomical support and free movement.
  • Electrically adjustable floor height combines with adjustment of armrests and seat to give the perfect fit for each driver.
  • Tilting seat tips back by 18 degrees, to reduce strain when viewing and handling loads at height, and is adapted to the driver’s weight.
  • Tapered seat backrest enables easier turning of body – with less strain – toward driving direction.
  • Spacious driver’s compartment with high roof safely and comfortably accommodates users of all sizes.
  • Excellent all-round view is enabled by design of mast, fork carriage, overhead bars, pillars and chassis, and by use of dark, non-reflective paint.
  • Transparent overhead guard roof option gives unobstructed view of forks and load when handling at height and protects driver from both small and large falling objects.
  • Heated cabin option gives added comfort in cold workplaces while maintaining clear vision.
  • Intuitive display keeps drivers fully informed and is optimally positioned and angled for clear viewing.
  • Weight and height indicators provide additional useful information.
  • Automotive pedal layout is intuitive to car drivers, while ‘dead man’ safety switch is effortlessly activated by the weight of the left foot.
  • Smooth entry and exit are aided by ergonomic grab handles and low intermediate step with non-slip surface.
  • Standard safety features include large load wheels and brakes, automatic parking brake, operator presence switch and mast lock system.

NRM20N3 2000 600 Electric
NRM25N3 2500 600 Electric