When operating a forklift, never forget: Safety first!

Whether you are a well-trained, experienced forklift driver, or someone who is just learning, it is important to maintain your forklift safety knowledge. A forklift is a piece of heavy machinery and operating one, whether it is used inside a warehouse or out, must be always done in a safe manner. Having up to date and extensive forklift safety knowledge will not only keep you safe, but also protect those working around you.

As part of our commitment to safe materials handling, we have produced a range of industry-standard, forklift truck safety resources; designed for both novice and experienced operators alike.

Our top forklift safety tips:

Understanding common forklift safety mistakes will help you avoid any potential accidents. Watch this forklift safety video to understand the potential risks and how to avoid them. This video is essential viewing for anyone working in, or passing through, the working area.

In summary:

  1. Avoid overturning by not carrying loads at dangerous heights while on the move. Keep your load low when travelling.
  2. Avoid spilling large or unusual loads by travelling backwards down steep declines and ensuring the load is safely secured.
  3. Travel slowly and use your horn to make others aware that you are coming.
  4. When you leave your truck unattended, don’t forget to apply the parking brake and take it out of gear.
  5. Avoid vehicle movement in the loading dock by removing the driver’s keys, installing a traffic light system or simply use a chock until the loading process is complete.
  6. Never transport anyone other than yourself and your load.
  7. Keep limbs inside of the truck whilst it is moving.

This information is also helpfully summarised in our forklift safety poster. Keep forklift safety at the forefront of operatives’ minds by downloading our helpful forklift safety poster to display around the warehouse.

Download our safety poster

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