Lift truck attachments

eureka magazine: Forklift attachments

18 Dec 2018

A forklift truck is basically a transportation device with a mast and forks at the front and a counterweight at the back. There are many different options available but the handling device essentially stays the same. Gian Schiava explores the variety of forklift attachments that cater for... Read more

Medium level order picker NOM10P

Your end-of-year warehouse checklist

13 Dec 2018

Christmas is fast approaching and if you haven’t done so already now is the time for making a list - and checking it twice! For warehouse managers and anyone involved in logistics or materials handling that means ticking off all the preparations needed to cope with peak seasonal demand.

... Read more

NOL10P second-level order picker

The new NOL10P second-level order picker

5 Dec 2018

With its new NOL10P second-level order picker, Cat® Lift Trucks has expanded the scope for improving their customers’ efficiency and productivity in picking operations. A choice of configurations, including different rising platform heights, also enables them to match the lift truck to meet... Read more


eureka magazine: Rise of the drones

18 Oct 2018
The potential of unmanned vehicles in logistics and warehouse management has been talked up a lot in recent years, but what is the reality?

Ruari McCallion has sent out scouts.

If the stories had turned out to be true and the reality had matched the enthusiasm, our skies by now would... Read more

eureka magazine: Time is money

27 Jul 2018

Mark Nicholson

Of all the processes in a warehouse operation,order picking is often the most expensive in terms of employee time. Mark Nicholson looks at some time-saving advances in scanning technology and order picker truck design which promise improved profits through faster work flow... Read more


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