Cat Reach Truck Light

Reachable benefits: entry-level light reach trucks added to Cat® range

13 Jan 2021

The 1.4 tonne NR14N2L and 1.6 tonne NR16N2L light reach trucks are designed for light and medium duties at heights up to 7.5 metres. Despite their lower price, the manufacturer stresses that they share the quality, ergonomics, and sensitively controlled performance of the wider Cat® reach truck... Read more

Cat Reach Truck

Cat Lift Trucks extends reach truck battery choice with Li-ion option

6 Jan 2021

In their standard specification these trucks have already established a reputation for their performance-enhancing and cost-cutting characteristics, which increase productivity and profits. With the advantages of Li-ion technology they can push output and efficiency to even higher levels. Read more

Heavy duty pallet trucks

Cat® platform power pallet trucks introduce multiple ‘industry firsts’

14 Dec 2020

Key innovations include the unprecedented ProRide+ system – a milestone in development which solves the age-old problem of how to combine effective traction, damping and stability. The trucks’ advances effectively address challenges posed by time pressure, heavy duties and harsh working... Read more

DP60-100N3 Diesel Forklifts

6.0 to 10.0 tonne diesel: powerful, durable

13 Aug 2020

Uncompromising strength, speed and durability are promised by the latest offering from Cat® Lift Trucks in the 6.0 to 10.0 tonne diesel counterbalance forklift trucks category.

Power and speed

Driven by one the highest-powered engines in its class, the Cat® DP60-100N3 diesel forklift is... Read more

cat fork lift DP40-55(C)N3

DP/GP40-55(C)N3 upgrade

16 Jul 2020

The latest upgrades from Cat® Lift Trucks to its 4.0 to 5.5 tonne diesel and LPG forklifts have reinforced their performance qualities while reducing environmental impacts and increasing driver comfort.

Powerful and environmentally friendly

The diesel forklifts range, now designated... Read more


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