Cat® Lift Trucks has introduced wide straddle variants to expand the application possibilities and capabilities of its stacker collection.

26 February 2024

The new models can handle a wider variety of materials and allow more efficient use of warehouse space. They also simplify fitting and use of dedicated handling attachments for many different specialised loads and applications. These latest additions extend the comprehensive choice available within the Cat® platform, stand-in and sit-on stacker ranges.

Extra functionality

Crucially, wide straddle stackers can lower their forks to the floor, between widely spaced support legs. This is essential when handling closed-base pallets and other load carriers without open fork spaces or pockets. You can stack goods right down to the ground, and with low-profile straddle legs there is minimal wasted space under the bottom racking beam.

An extensive assortment of duplex and triplex masts, in a broad selection of standard and custom lift heights, matches applications perfectly. You can also make full use of your vertical space, with lifts up to 7.0 metres in some cases.

Similarly, you may choose standard or customised straddle widths to match pallet and load types, storage patterns and racking configurations. Cat wide straddle stackers additionally offer alternative chassis sizes and load capacities from 1.6 to 2.0 tonnes.

The stackers’ wide straddle support legs are specially designed for increased drive-in and ground clearance, and trouble-free performance on gradients. They have a low profile, with slight downward angling toward their end point, and are equipped with bogie wheels as standard.

Meanwhile, the fork tips are slightly pointed and tapered. This enables easier and faster pallet entry and exit, even when the truck is turning at the same time. Small gains like these, from functional improvements throughout the trucks, add up to significant time savings over repetitive handling cycles.

Application-matched attachments

The scope for using attachments on these stackers opens up a world of further application opportunities. For instance, clamps can be used to handle paper rolls, or bales of wool, cotton and other textiles. In the food and drink sector, they are useful for moving large containers. They will also hold anything from large boxed electrical appliances in the white goods market to concrete blocks in the building supply trade.

Spike or pole attachments are commonly seen carrying rolls of carpet or fabric, or products like cable and rope on drums. Rotators are another attachment group, with many uses in recycling, manufacturing, food processing and agriculture.

All the advantages of a Cat stacker

Most other features are shared with the rest of the Cat stacker range. They include a powerful and quiet hydraulic motor, smoothly governed by stepless, speed-regulated lifting and lowering control. This provides quick but safe and accurate positioning and movement of forks and attachments.

Cat wide straddle models benefit from all the productivity and efficiency advantages of this manufacturer’s world-leading stacker development.

The platform stackers give a consistent and reassuring sense of balance, control and power. They are steered and controlled via the class-leading, patented, ergonomic emPower tiller head.

Cat design teams continue to lead the way in developing stand-in stackers. Compact and rapidly manoeuvrable, they enable the highest possible stock densities and are ideal in narrow aisles. Cat sit-on stackers offer another dynamic and flexible choice. In this case the operator is comfortably seated for the longest, most intense shifts and greatest distances.

The Cat stacker portfolio also leads in terms of the overall breadth of its range of models, variants and specialised options. It results in feature-rich trucks with unbeatable adaptability to diverse applications.

There are two Cat wide straddle stand-in stacker models, at 1.6 (NSR16N2S) and 2.0 tonnes (NSR20N2S). Similarly, there are two wide straddle sit-on stackers (NSS16N2S and NSS20N2S). Wide straddle is also available on 1.6 tonne platform stackers with folding (NSV16N3S) and fixed platforms (NSF16N3SR rear entry and NSF16N3SS side entry).

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NSR20N2 wide straddle stand-in stacker
NSS20N2 wide straddle sit-on stacker