Aim high, with medium and high-level order pickers designed to meet increased output and profitability targets in narrower aisles and higher racking.

Pick as high as 12.1 metres and lift as much as 1.25 tonnes with the heavy duty NOH12H high-level order picker. Or if it suits your application better, choose the NOM10P medium-level order picker. Either way, your operation will be more productive and cost-efficient thanks tothe advanced design and functionality of these medium and high-level order picking machines.

Typical of this is the user-friendly interface. Its positionally adjustable right-hand control unit gives that hand a perfect anatomical fit, a strong grip and the best possible support. While operating comfortably and precisely with the right hand, the driver keeps his or her left hand firmly on the Midi steering wheel.

Automated safety aids include the whole-floor driver presence sensor, which permits operation from any standing position the driver prefers. The SecurGate side gate system can be used to reduce fall risk at any height, and it prevents the truck from operating if gates remain open above the platform’s lowest position. Automatic speed reduction adjusts travel rate according to the steered wheel angle for stability and safety during turns and high lifts.

Throughout the design of these medium- and high-level order pickers, every effort has been made to boost productivity while reducing service bills, accidents and energy consumption. The result is maximum profits from your order picking operation.

  • Rugged modular design extends truck life and simplifies replacement of parts.
  • Latest AC drive motor technology provides greater torque, efficiency and control, with minimal maintenance.
  • PIN code log-in prevents unauthorised use.
  • Multifunction Colour Display shows clear truck status information to the operator.
  • ECO mode can be selected to slow operation slightly while saving significantly (about 5-6%) on energy consumption.
  • Easy access to motor, battery and other components speeds up checks and servicing.

  • High lifting – maximum 8.25 m for medium and 10.5 m for high level – accesses picking locations up to 9.85 or 12.1 m to optimise usage of racking capacity.
  • Heavy duty specification of high-level model, with unequalled 1.25 tonne capacity, maximises output.
  • Operator can quickly change performance mode within his/hers allowed performance range to match various handling situations.
  • Battery discharge indicator (BDI) allows recharging to be planned with minimum disruption to work.

  • Two-piece control panel is integrated into chassis for a shorter, more compact truck design with more operator space.
  • Right-hand control unit provides excellent anatomical fit, positional adjustment, grip and support, for comfortable and precise operation – while left hand stays on the Midi steering wheel.
  • Controls at the fork end of the cabin can be specified as an option for further flexibility.
  • Whole-floor driver presence sensor with cushioned, high-grip mat permits comfortable truck operation in any standing position, gives easy, obstacle-free, walk-through access and prevents disabling of the ‘deadman pedal’ function.
  • Low step height (215 mm) and two convenient grab handles, for easier entry and exit, save effort and reduce fatigue.
  • Optional comfort cushion is adjustable to preferred position for leaning or sitting during travel.
  • Cabin size and shape are optimised for comfortable space with easy reach of controls while resting against back support.
  • Automatic speed reduction adjusts travel rate according to steered wheel angle and platform height, for stability and safety during turns and high lifts.
  • SecurGate side gate system reduces fall risk when used at any height, and prevents truck operation if gates are open above 1.2 m.
  • Step-out warning sounds audible alarm and shows message on screen if gates are open when platform is above its lowest position.
  • Multiple storage compartments keep operator’s equipment close at hand, while avoiding inefficient, hazardous clutter.
  • PoweRamic mast and transparent front panels improve view for safe, accurate operation.
  • Warning lights inside each straddle leg and on the truck’s front corners enhance visibility.
  • Steel battery rollers ensure quick and safe changeovers.
  • Overhead guard adds safety and can be used for simple attachment of accessories.

NOM10P 1000 600 Electric
NOH12PH 1250 600 Electric