Warehouse equipment for optimal operational efficiency.

To help you make the most of the available space in your storage facilities and operate more efficiently, Cat Lift Trucks has developed a comprehensive range of dedicated warehouse equipment including power pallet trucks, pallet stackers, order pickers and reach trucks. These products compliment our extremely versatile counterbalanced lift truck range.

Being small and highly manoeuvrable, power pallet trucks such as the Cat® Lift Trucks NPR20N stand-on model are excellent for moving individual pallets or other unit loads at ground level and for loading goods vehicles via a loading dock; stackers such as the pallet stackers NSP12-16N2 add the versatility of being able to lift a load to heights of around 6m.

For higher level operations, our modern reach truck has a typical maximum lift height of 10-11m and allows warehouse operators to pack goods in right up to roof level, ensuring maximum storage density in any given footprint. The NR14-25N series of reach trucks, for example, includes models that can lift right up to 11.5m.

Meanwhile our Low, medium and high-level order pickers like the Cat Lift Trucks NO10-20NE and NOH10N/NOH10NH order picker make the job of picking goods from racking for mixed orders as quick and efficient as possible.

As well as helping you to make the most of your available vertical space, Cat Lift Truck’s warehouse equipment is also designed to work in aisles far narrower than those required by a counterbalanced lift truck - meaning that more bays of racking (and thus more goods) can be squeezed into any given area. Our very narrow aisle (VNA) warehouse equipment is the most extreme example, involving lift trucks that work in aisles just a few millimetres wider than they are.

Subject to operational requirements, the right warehouse equipment can solve the problem of using non-standard racking configurations such as drive-in, double-deep or mobile racking - all of which make for even higher storage densities.