Cat® man-down VNA trucks provide a two-in-one warehouse solution, designed both for efficient very narrow aisle work and for rapid transport of goods to and from the racking area.

There is now no need for feeder trucks or P&D (pick-up and deposit) stations at aisle ends, as our man-down VNA trucks take care of transport as well as stacking and retrieval. This saves on fleet size, driver numbers and time, while increasing storage space.

Wire or rail guidance allows the man-down VNA truck operator to drive quickly, and to lift and lower safely while travelling, in aisles little wider than the truck. Pallets can be handled on either side of the aisle thanks to a swivelling turret fork assembly.

Precise control of these very narrow aisle trucks is assured by Palm Steering and a multifunctional joystick. Their left and right armrests are adjustable, along with floor height, for a perfect fit. The weight-adjusted seat gives a relaxed driving position and tilts to reduce strain when viewing loads at height.

Warehouse output is enhanced by the VNA trucks’ market-leading drive and hydraulic performance, together with superior ergonomics and an excellent all-round view. The wide range of optional aids includes a position light laser system and a fork camera with RLED display.

  • Robust construction minimises damage and wear, even in demanding multi-shift operations.
  • Heavy duty drive wheel is highly durable and easy to maintain, with a larger diameter, extra width and unique tread design which increase grip and stability as well as lifetime.
  • User-friendly display and onboard diagnostics encourage correct use of truck and speed up maintenance.
  • PIN code identification and programmability prevent unauthorised use and allow matching of truck performance settings to driver experience and application.
  • Auto log-off option avoids wasting power when truck is idle.
  • Fast service access to systems and components reduces downtime.

  • Compact dimensions and reach truck levels of mobility enable fast manoeuvring outside the aisles, for rapid transport of goods to and from the VNA racking with no need for feeder trucks or P&D stations.
  • Swivel fork assembly rotates through 180 degrees, allowing pallet stacking and retrieval on either side of the aisle without turning the truck around.
  • Wire guidance option permits fast performance in very narrow aisles, including safe lifting while driving, without the obstruction, debris accumulation and relatively high installation expense of guide rails.
  • Rail guidance option permits fast performance in even narrower aisles, including safe lifting while driving, without the power supply dependency and electronic sensor expense of wire guidance.
  • 360-degree steering option enables fluid turning without stopping to change direction.
  • Market-leading travel speed (14 km/h) and optimised hydraulic attachment speed come as standard.

  • Palm Steering on adjustable floating armrest offers relaxed driving position and operation with minimal movement, effort or strain – ideal if driver is seated for long periods.
  • Multifunctional joystick with adjustable armrest fits hand perfectly, positions all hydraulic controls optimally, minimises effort and enables precise individual and simultaneous actions.
  • Optional fingertip hydraulic controls with adjustable armrest ensure ergonomically perfect hand positioning, anatomical support and free movement.
  • Position light option aligns red laser beam with rack markings for quick and accurate fork positioning in relation to pallets.
  • End-of-aisle braking system option prevents full-speed exit into transfer aisles, where other trucks and pedestrians could be passing.
  • Automatic drive speed control slows truck down if forks are raised above 500 mm outside the guided aisle, to increase stability for manoeuvring while transporting loads.
  • Electrically adjustable floor height combines with adjustment of armrests and seat to give the perfect fit for each driver.
  • Tilting seat can be angled backwards by 18 degrees, to reduce strain when viewing and handling loads at height, and is adapted to the driver’s weight.
  • Tapered seat backrest enables easier turning of body – with less strain – toward driving direction.
  • Spacious driver’s compartment with high roof safely and comfortably accommodates users of all sizes.
  • Excellent all-round view is enabled by design of mast, overhead bars, pillars and chassis.
  • Mast-mounted mirrors give full visibility of fork tips when handling pallets at lowest levels.
  • Transparent overhead guard roof option gives unobstructed view of forks and load when handling at height and protects driver from both small and large falling objects.
  • Intuitive display keeps drivers fully informed and is optimally positioned and angled for clear viewing.
  • Direction control is switched using accelerator pedal, leaving right hand free to concentrate on hydraulic functions.
  • Automotive pedal layout is intuitive to car drivers, while ‘dead man’ safety switch is effortlessly activated by the weight of the left foot.
  • Smooth entry and exit are aided by ergonomic grab handles and low intermediate step with non-slip surface.
  • Optional blue or red point safety lights warn pedestrians and other drivers of truck’s approach.

NTD13N3 1250 600 Electric
NTD15N3 1500 600 Electric