The hand pallet truck is without any doubt the most basic, yet essential, tool in materials handling.

For decades, it has served as the “first assistant” for truck operators loading and unloading pallets on location. In warehouses, shops and industry, hand pallet trucks are used in all kinds of applications and our 2500kg hand pallet truck is designed to suit all of them and your needs. Our 2500kg hand pallet truck is especially suitable for short distance applications.

Occasional horizontal pallet handling suit our standard model, which can be upgraded with optional quick lift for increased productivity and a brake for greater safety.

Cat hand pallet trucks are durable, maneuverable, ergonomic and easy to maintain over a long service life, taking care of your business and your people.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Bypass valve preventing over load
  • Bullet connection between steering shaft and pump piston
  • Convenient to replace the steering wheel

  • Easy to maneuver with 210° steering angle
  • Special lowering valve to control the rate of descent
  • Rollers mounted on fork tips for effortless entry/exit to/from pallet

  • Large rubber handle with 3 positions for control lever

C25M 2500 600 -
C25H 2500 600 -
C25I 2500 600 -
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C25W 2500 600 -