This range of electric counterbalance forklifts answers the need for high-powered performance in applications where diesel powered IC engine lift trucks and their emissions are not permissible.

Designed to cope with intensive duties and tough conditions, you will find these electric counterbalance forklifts highly productive and, at the same time, a pleasure to drive, thanks to their agility, intelligence and comfort.

Typical industry applications:

  • Food and beverage manufacturing and wholesale
  • Paper manufacturing and wholesale
  • Foundries
  • Chemicals, textiles and rubber
  • Machinery and heavy equipment

The specification of the Cat EP25-35A(C)N electric counterbalance forklift truck range includes many innovative features designed to give your drivers a more comfortable and pleasurable operating experience. They include the Cat Responsive Drive System (RDS), which has taken the idea of intelligent automatic adjustment of performance characteristics to a whole new level. This electric lift truck seems to ‘know’ how the driver wants it to behave at any moment. Meanwhile, its intelligent curve control reduces speed in a much more natural and comfortable way than any previous cornering technology.

Another key advantage of this electric counterbalance truck over the competition’s materials handling equipment is the OmniTurn all-wheel steering system, which makes it much more manoeuvrable. If the driver needs an extra burst of acceleration or climbing torque, the lift truck’s PowerBurst feature automatically kicks in to maintain rapid motion. When driving in slippery environments, its electric differential locking gives added confidence.

The latest fingertip hydraulic controls or optional dual joysticks are built into an anatomically designed, adjustable armrest which brings all related functions within comfortable reach. Manual levers are also available as an option. Control is precise and effortless. This electric counterbalance truck range is also equipped with SmoothFlow and other advanced hydraulic technologies which optimise mast and fork movements according to load weights and lift heights. The result is smoother, faster and safer materials handling.

Drivers, co-workers and neighbours will all appreciate the quiet drive units and other low-noise technologies specified in these electric lift trucks.

The spacious, high-comfort, floating operator cabin, developed with your drivers in mind, is ergonomically designed and equipped to allow strain-free operation with minimal need for body movement. Its key features include a flat, unobstructed floor, adjustable seat and steering wheel, pedals at optimum angles and, to maximise the view, a specially inclined dashboard and counterweight.

In addition, a colour display which can be read easily from different angles helps to keep your operator fully informed. Clear messages are given in the operator’s language, along with helpful symbols. A twin-mode key switch can be set to ECO or PRO, depending on the driver’s experience and the need for low energy use or rapid performance. Other TCO (total cost of operation) advantages of these electric counterbalance forklifts include their robust construction, simple diagnostics, easy maintenance and high energy efficiency.

  • Robust construction reduces repair and replacement needs and helps maintain truck’s high residual value.
  • OmniTurn all-wheel steering reduces tyre wear.
  • Simple plug-in diagnostics and troubleshooting, together with easy access to components, reduces downtime and maintains efficient performance.
  • Multi-function display encourages correct use and maintenance of truck.
  • Sideways exchange option speeds up battery swaps.
  • High energy efficiency and availability of ECO mode extends working hours (runtime) per battery charge.
  • Li-ion battery option adds even greater efficiency and runtime, along with minimal maintenance needs and much longer life, for lower long-term total cost of operation (TCO).

  • PowerBurst automatically delivers extra torque to maintain ramp speed or provide strong acceleration, even when carrying heavy loads.
  • Responsive Drive System (RDS) adapts performance rapidly in reaction to speed of pedal and hydraulic control operation, and ensures all movements, stops and starts are smooth.
  • OmniTurn all-wheel steering offers better grip, smoother turning and unbeatably agile manoeuvring, aided by a +100° rear turning axle which enables instant side turns with no initial backward movement.
  • Electric differential lock maximises grip on slippery surfaces by locking front wheels to increase traction (activated automatically at small steering angles or manually via an optional pedal function).
  • Intelligent curve control maximises cornering safety by smoothly adjusting truck speed and minimising side forces.
  • SmoothFlow hydraulic system automatically adjusts to load weight, ensuring fast but smooth and precise control of all mast and fork actions – whether individual or simultaneous.
  • Automatic hydraulic control tuning maintains steady mast and chassis movements when lifting above 2.5 metres*. (*Activation height depends on mast chosen.)
  • Passive sway control allows mast tilting forces to be absorbed by chassis during higher lifts. (Applies mainly above 3.0 metres.)
  • Li-ion option – with quick-connect access point – enhances performance and permits fast opportunity charging for continuous operation without battery changes.
  • Pre-set ECO and PRO modes can be selected for different drivers and tasks, while customised settings (including lifting and lowering) can be applied by service engineers.

  • Spacious operator compartment offers comfortable, adjustable seat, large, flat, uncluttered floor, and plenty of foot and head room.
  • Easy, smooth entry/exit is aided by long grab handle and non-slip step.
  • Easy-to-read colour display keeps drivers fully informed.
  • Obstacle-free design gives a clear all-round view of the truck’s surroundings and outer dimensions with no need to lean.
  • Useful storage spaces include suitable pockets for tools, mobile devices, bottles, tape dispensers and pens.
  • Weatherproof cabin options include transparent roof, steel or PVC doors, windscreen, two sliding windows on each side, rear window, front/rear wipers/washers, heater, and deluxe cabin.
  • Spring-force-optimised fingertip hydraulic controls on adjustable, comfortable armrest ensure ergonomically perfect hand positioning, anatomical support and free movement.
  • Dual joystick option separates functions such as clamp opening, to avoid accidental moves, and is especially useful if fingertip levers are too small for operation with gloves (or large hands).
  • Ergonomic steering wheel has tilt-adjustable column for comfortable driving position with no need to lean forward.
  • Pedal design, position and angles reduce fatigue for drivers of any height or foot size.
  • Standard working lights include front and rear LEDs, with automatic reversing light, all protected within the overhead guard structure.
  • Safety lights (optional) include red lines, highlighting exclusion boundary around truck, blue or red points (front and rear) warning pedestrians of truck’s approach, and amber strobes.
  • Standard safety features include operator presence pedal, hill hold, automatic park brake and wet disc brakes, for added confidence and control.

EP25AN 2500 500 Electric
EP25ACN 2500 500 Electric
EP30AN 3000 500 Electric
EP30ACN 3000 500 Electric
EP35AN 3500 500 Electric