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Find Your Nearest Dealer

Top-quality, genuine forklift parts – assured by Cat® Lift Trucks

To protect and optimise your operation, you should always choose genuine Cat lift truck parts when replacements are needed. These are approved by the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) – in our case Cat Lift Trucks.

Non-OEM forklift truck parts present several potential dangers. One is that they won’t fit. Their dimensions and design may not exactly match the original. They could prove difficult, time-consuming or even impossible to install. They might also be incompatible in other ways.

You can’t be sure they will function as well as genuine parts. They may reduce your lift truck’s performance and efficiency. Increased lubricant and fuel consumption are amongst the possible ill-effects.

Top-quality genuine Cat lift truck parts
dependable forklift maintenance services from your local Cat dealer
dependable- forklift services from your local Cat dealer

How can I buy genuine Cat parts and service?

Genuine parts from Cat Lift Trucks

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Your nearest Cat lift trucks dealer is equipped to provide maintenance services and help locate and supply the genuine parts you need.

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