Compact electric forklift 48V 3-wheels

Managing social and environmental responsibilities

6 Apr 2020

We all have a responsibility to keep on top of your environmental and social impacts. Not only do we need to be mindful of our carbon footprint, we also need to consider our impact on our local neighbours. It’s all about doing our best for the wider environment while simultaneously managing our... Read more

Augmented reality (AR) technology

Seeing is believing

23 Mar 2020
Read moreAugmented reality and virtual reality technologies claim to offer some spectacular advantages to warehouse operations – up to 30% savings, in some cases. Ruari McCallion, writing for Eureka Magazine, the online magazine for materials handling professionals, has taken a closer look. Here’s a summary...
Anh-Tai Vuong, President of industrial vacuum specialist DuroVac®

How to protect warehouse staff from dust hazards

16 Mar 2020
Keeping warehouse health and safety top of the agenda.

Dust prevention in warehouses is essential for the health and safety of your workers, machinery and for business. Mark Nicholson writing for Eureka Magazine, highlights the dangers and the solutions to managing dust in a warehouse, with... Read more

Safety at work

Warehouse Safety Best Practices

5 Mar 2020
Operating a warehouse can pose many safety risks. So, it’s essential to be aware of those risks and know how to manage them. Here are our top tips for staying safe in the warehouse environment.

Our top warehouse safety tips:

1) Materials lifting

Materials lifting is one of the most common... Read more

warehouse improvement image

Warehouse efficiency

19 Feb 2020
Why is time efficiency so essential to warehouse business success – and how can it be improved? As a leading developer and manufacturer of materials handling equipment designed to improve warehouse efficiency, Cat® Lift Trucks offers the following summary.

In warehousing, time is money. Slow... Read more


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