Are your staff up to date with their forklift training?

10 May 2021

To operate a forklift, your employee must have completed certified forklift training. They also need to maintain their training via refresher courses and online learning. As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure your employees have the correct certifications – so are you confident... Read more

Telematics techology used by Cat lift trucks

Harness the power of fleet data to lower your total cost of operation (tco)

26 Apr 2021
How telematics can boost your materials handling operation

Telematics promises a lot of things for the materials handling industry – being able to manage your forklift truck fleet in a way that saves money, raises productivity, improves health and safety, and lowers environmental impacts. Mark... Read more

Recycling requires collection and sorting of materials

Waste not… ever

22 Apr 2021
The drive for more circular logistics

Plastic is often painted as the villain of pollution and wastage but all kinds of packaging material, including board, paper, shrink and bubble wrap, are wasted and discarded, every day. In a recent article, Ruari McCallion writing for Eureka, the online... Read more

clean warehouse floor

Why you must keep your warehouse floors in top condition

24 Mar 2021

In 2014 Gian Schiava wrote an article for Eureka, the online magazine for the materials handling professional, about the importance of a clean, flat warehouse floor, and emphasised that negligence could have a negative impact on warehouse productivity. In his latest article, he continues his... Read more

A change is going to come: Logistics must adapt to shifting consumer behaviour

E-commerce Growth: How Can Supply Chains Prepare for the Future?

8 Mar 2021

In recent years, we have seen e-commerce explode. It has become increasingly easy to buy online, and with more and more retailers selling in this way, consumers are taking full advantage of the benefits.

But will e-commerce sales reach a peak? And how can supply chains prepare for the... Read more


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