A forklift truck need never die

Old forklifts never die

1 Dec 2020

As customer demand for sustainability grows, businesses are under more pressure than ever to minimise their impact on the environment. For operations using forklifts, key issues include whether their trucks’ performance is ‘green’ and what happens to them when their useful service life ends.... Read more

Adapting to change

Adapting to change

26 Nov 2020

In the latest article from Eureka, the online magazine for the materials handling professional, Gian Schiava looks at how materials handling experts cope with adapting to change without having to compromise on performance.

He explores how they should react but deduces that companies can... Read more

Looking after the wellbeing of your materials handling workforce

10 Nov 2020

The success of a materials handling business relies on many things. Of course, having the right equipment and processes in place is important so that the job can be fulfilled. But ultimately, success will be driven by your workforce and the effort and enthusiasm they bring to your business. The... Read more

Rene Geujen, Director Plan Development, Next Level Development

Warehouse adaptation for dangerous goods

20 Oct 2020
When it comes to warehousing, it’s better to be safe than sorry

Getting the most out of your warehouse is a daily challenge for your logistics manager and the job becomes even more complicated when you store and ship dangerous or hazardous goods.

Gian Schiava writing for Eureka,... Read more

Keep your balance

20 Oct 2020
How can forklift overturns and load spillages be prevented to improve forklift safety? Here’s how!

At Cat° Lift Trucks, we believe in regularly reviewing and reinforcing the principles of safe forklift operator behaviour, to help embed them in our industry’s culture. The following guidelines... Read more


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