Truck designs are optimised to each level’s needs.

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17 Oct 2019

Essentially, a warehouse delivers four kinds of activities: goods reception, storage, order picking and shipping. Developments in recent decades (e-commerce being the most influential) have turned order picking into the costliest and most labour-intensive of those. Gian Schiava explores the... Read more

cat low level order picker

Keeping your core asset in shape

10 Oct 2019
An efficient warehouse needs fit warehouse workers

Modern materials handling plays an ever-growing role within logistics operations, which in turn are essential for company profitability. Warehouses are being upgraded and modernised to meet delivery deadlines and keep the business... Read more

Prepare for the winter months: Our top 10 forklift safety tips

25 Sep 2019

With the winter months approaching, the weather is set to get worse and the daylight hours are slowly getting shorter. So, it’s time to start preparing yourself, your staff, equipment and operating areas for the winter season and the harsher conditions it brings. Here are our top 10 forklift... Read more

Forklift batteries

Finding the ideal battery for your forklift truck

25 Sep 2019

Question: which battery is better for an electric forklift truck: lead-acid or lithium-ion?Answer: it depends…
Our experts at Cat® Lift Trucks explain why a lead-acid battery is usually the best choice for electric forklifts – at least for today. Read more

What is the difference between a lead...
  The Cat® distribution centre at Puurs delivers market-leading parts availability.

Why choose a Cat® forklift?

5 Sep 2019

If you’re looking for a new forklift truck, there are many things you should consider. While the forklift itself has to meet your requirements, your decision shouldn’t be solely influenced by price and product features.

We’re confident our product range delivers exactly what our customers... Read more


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