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Cat 2500kg hand pallet truck
C25(M)(H)(I)(J)(W) hand pallet truck

The most essential tool in materials handling

The hand pallet truck is without a doubt the most essential tool in materials handling. For decades, it has served as the ‘first assistant’ for lift truck operators, loading and unloading pallets on location.

As established hand pallet truck manufacturers, we’ve developed a range of machines which are tailored to operators’ needs. Simple to operate and manoeuvre, our hand pallet trucks make it possible to transport one or more pallets around without the use of heavy equipment.

Also known as pallet jacks or jiggers, our hand pallet trucks are relatively small and use integrated hydraulics to raise and lower the forks for easy pallet transportation. Their size and efficiency make them ideal for use in warehouses, shops and industry where they can be used in all kinds of applications, helping create a more productive environment.

Hand pallet trucks for every application

Whether you are looking for a hand pallet truck to work over short distances in wet and tough environmental conditions or as a work bench where high lifting is needed, we’re sure to have a pallet truck to meets your requirements.

Discover our hand pallet truck range

Our hand pallet trucks are designed to meet a range of needs and requirements:

Your Cat Lift Trucks dealer can give you more specific information about the model of hand pallet truck you require and also provide information on our full range of warehouse equipment and lift trucks, with capacities up to 16 tonnes. They’ll advise you on the right equipment for your needs and how to maximize your return on investment.

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