Through extra application-matched choice and sharper performance, this order picker truck will increase picking efficiency at any level up to 2.8 or 3.4 metres.

Choose the configuration and options that will best meet your specific order picking application and needs. A 1.2 or 1.8 metre rising platform is your first choice, enabling operators to pick easily and quickly anywhere from ground level up to the maximum pick height. Picking containers can be elevated to the most convenient height for transfer of picked items using the LiftComfort – standard on the 1.8 metre platform or available as an option on the 1.2 metre version.

Driver satisfaction, control and output are boosted by the latest user interface. It places his or her right hand on an anatomically ideal, positionally adjustable control unit which gives excellent grip and support for comfortable and precise operation. Meanwhile, the left hand stays on the Midi steering wheel. The cabin is shaped and sized for optimum comfort and functionality and is equipped with multiple storage spaces.

Step height is the lowest in the market, and the whole-floor driver presence sensor, with its cushioned, slip-resistant mat, allows fast and obstacle-free walk-through access. Other safety aids on this order picker truck include: a poweRamic mast for clear views; a SecurGate side gate system (standard on 1.8 metre platform, optional on 1.2 metre) to prevent falls; and automatic speed reduction to keep the truck safe and stable during turns and high lifts.

Long life, low maintenance needs, easy service access, precise control and low energy consumption are designed into this 2nd-level order picker truck’s construction and specification. The developers’ overall approach has been to increase profitability by increasing performance while reducing the costs of ownership and operation.

  • Latest AC drive motor technology provides greater torque, efficiency and control, with minimal maintenance.
  • PIN code log-in prevents unauthorised use.
  • Multifunction Colour Display shows clear truck status information to the operator.
  • ECO mode can be selected to slow operation slightly while saving significantly (about 5-6%) on energy consumption.
  • Easy access to motor, battery and other components speeds up checks and servicing.

  • Rising platform – with choice of 1.2 or 1.8 m maximum – gives quick and easy access to locations as high as 2.8 or 3.4 m, for faster and more efficient picking.
  • LiftComfort – standard on 1.8 m platform and optional on 1.2 m – raises picking container to a convenient height for rapid transfer of picked items.
  • Operator can quickly change performance mode within his/hers allowed performance range to match various handling situations.
  • Battery discharge indicator (BDI) allows recharging to be planned with minimum disruption to work

  • Two-piece control panel is integrated into chassis for a shorter, more compact truck design with more operator space.
  • Right-hand control unit provides excellent anatomical fit, positional adjustment, grip and support, for comfortable and precise operation – while left hand stays on the Midi steering wheel.
  • Whole-floor driver presence sensor with cushioned, high-grip mat permits comfortable truck operation in any standing position, gives easy, obstacle-free, walk-through access and prevents disabling of the ‘deadman pedal’ function.
  • Lowest step height in the market (160 mm) saves effort – with 6,204 m less climbing per year, on average, compared to the competition.
  • Optional comfort cushion on trucks with LiftComfort is adjustable to preferred position for leaning or sitting during travel.
  • Cabin size and shape are optimised for comfortable space with easy reach of controls while resting against back support.
  • Automatic speed reduction adjusts travel rate according to steered wheel angle and platform height, for stability and safety during turns and high lifts.
  • SecurGate side gate system – standard on 1.8 m platform and optional on 1.2 m – reduces fall risk when used at any height, and prevents truck operation if gates are open above 1.2 m.
  • Optional step-out warning (1.8 m platform only) sounds audible alarm and shows message on screen if gates are open when platform is above its lowest position.
  • Multiple storage compartments keep operator’s equipment close at hand, while avoiding inefficient, hazardous clutter.
  • PoweRamic mast improves view for safe, accurate operation.
  • Steel battery rollers ensure quick and safe changeovers.
  • Optional overhead guard adds safety and can be used for simple attachment of accessories.

NOL10P 1000 600 Electric