Choosing to best way to finance your equipment isn’t necessarily straight forwards. Leasing your lift truck offers several important advantages to your business:

  • Purchasing equipment using capital funds or loans results in a loss of interest
  • Leasing is a practical alternative to purchasing
  • Lease financing allows your business to obtain equipment without buying it outright or borrowing money
  • Leasing allows you to pay for equipment over its useful and income-producing life
  • Leasing preserves cash. Fixed monthly payments allow you to obtain equipment without large initial cash outlays
  • A lease is not a loan, but an option through which you get the equipment you need in exchange for fixed monthly rental payments
  • Lease payments are fully deductible operating expenses
  • Leasing can be structured to provide you with the option to upgrade to new equipment at any time over the life of your lease

Rental/Contract Hire

This Cat® finance solution provides the full reward of use of the equipment at a beneficial price without the risks of ownership. Payments include all the maintenance and repair support you need. It’s an off-balance sheet method of finance that improves gearing and other balance sheet ratios. Rental costs are reduced due to another party taking the residual value and obtaining tax benefits. Rental payments include VAT and are fully tax deductible as operating expense. You are not the owner of the equipment.

Financial Lease/ Capital Lease / Ownership Lease

This Cat finance option is an on-balance-sheet facility without a fixed maintenance obligation. This might be especially interesting for companies that have their own service mechanics. The monthly payments cover the whole of the capital outlay of your trucks. Rentals are not reduced because there is no residual value. You are the owner of the equipment.

(Full service) operational Lease or Non-Ownership Lease

This Cat finance solutions is an Off Balance-sheet method of finance that could include all maintenance and repair. These easy to budget rental payments include VAT and are 100% tax deductible as operating expense. Finance Vendor or a third party will guarantee a residual value which reduces the rental payments. You are not the owner of the equipment.

Cat® Lift Trucks

The right lift trucks and warehouse equipment play an important part in any well-managed materials handling operation and so do properly trained people. Together, good people and good trucks can move mountains - with a level of efficiency and productivity that would have been impossible even a few years ago. If you think all lift trucks are alike, think again. Our trucks are designed and built for consistent performance in the toughest industrial environments. Cat’s legendary build quality is coupled with high-tech innovations that give each truck - and each truck user - a competitive edge. Cat Lift Trucks and your Cat dealer have the solutions, the service and the support to keep your business moving forward, with a full range of diesel, LP Gas or electric lift trucks combined with state-of-the-art warehouse equipment.

To find out more about how to hire some of the best trucks in the business, contact your nearest Cat Dealer.