Our mini power pallets are go-anywhere load movers

Combining small size with impressive power, these handy little mini power pallet trucks are great all-rounders.

They’re strong enough for light and medium duties, short and middle distances, and loads up to 2.0 tonnes. But compact enough to manoeuvre easily in narrow aisles, containers, goods vehicles and smaller buildings.

You’ll find multiple loading, unloading and shuttling uses for them.

Mini but mighty NPP15-20QBL power pallet trucks

  • High-quality, robust construction – including metal outer case for impact resistance – ensures reliable operation over a long lifetime, with minimal servicing and repair needs.
  • Integrated rocker arm reinforces the truck’s structural strength and stability.
  • Large-diameter plunger cylinder lowers the hydraulic pressure needed, leading to longer service life and lower risk of failure.
  • Lifting overload and maximum height cutouts protect hydraulic system, cylinder and electrical components.
  • Li-ion batteries give maximum lifespan, efficiency and runtime, with no need for water top-ups or other maintenance.
  • Plug-in diagnostics and troubleshooting require only a laptop, software and a cable – not an expensive hand- held device – to reduce downtime and maintain efficient performance.
  • PIN code access prevents unauthorised use. (Available on 2t model with BDI and hour meter).

  • Compact and stable design gives fast, safe performance with great manoeuvrability.
  • Side castor wheels further enhance stability.
  • Small turning radius allows efficient travel and load handling even in tight spaces such as narrow aisles and lorry trailers.
  • High-specification forks feature tapered tips, tandem polyurethane (PU) rollers and fork tip rollers, for smooth pallet entry and exit, quiet running, and additional grip.
  • 800 mm marking on forks helps in easy and steady crosswise handling of EU pallets.
  • Weighing scale and printer enable quick and simple measurement and recording of load weights.
  • Battery voltage and capacity choices allow matching to different application needs.
  • Li-ion technology makes continuous, powerful operation possible, without battery changes, using fast opportunity charging during short breaks.
  • External charger (supplied) enables full recharging of a spare battery in just 3 hours.
  • Sideways battery exchange requires no additional tools or devices and takes just 10 seconds.
  • Standard BDI (battery discharge indicator) and hour meter (optional on 2.0t model) support optimal timing of battery charging/changing.

  • Multifunctional tiller head conveniently houses controls for lifting and lowering, forward and backward travel, and emergency reverse, along with electric lock and information display.
  • Turtle/creep speed switch allows manoeuvring with tiller arm vertical, for safe movement through narrow spaces.
  • Low ground clearance (27 mm) reduces risk of trapping foot.
  • Electromagnetic brake system enhances braking performance.
  • Parking brake is automatically applied when the truck stops on gradients and ramps.
  • Li-ion battery chemistry means no risk of hazardous gas or acid leaks.

NPP15QBL 1500 600 Electric
NPP20QBL 2000 600 Electric