Cat four-way reach trucks
Four-way reach truck
Multi-directional reach truck

Versatile Cat® four-way reach trucks bring an extra dimension to warehouse productivity – expanding your output in every direction.

Equipped for efficient handling of long loads in narrow warehouse aisles, as well as pallet work, our four-way reach trucks are also designed to keep your drivers comfortable and productive – hour after hour.

Why choose a Cat four-way reach truck?

Rapidly changing direction between forward, backward and sideways (left and right) movement, these four-way reach trucks are great for carrying goods such as pipes, planks and girders in tightly spaced racking. At the same time, these multi-directional reach trucks have the versatility to handle pallets like a normal reach truck.

Their ergonomic features, adjustable to meet individual drivers’ needs, enable relaxed and strain-free but precise operation. Compact design, for narrow aisle duties, combines with technological advances which ensure stable, safe and fast travel and load handling.

In addition, this four-way reach truck range is built to last, with a robust construction which minimises damage and wear even in multi-shift operations. Easy maintenance further reduces your total cost of operation (TCO).

Great features to look out for on Cat four-way reach trucks

Our four-way reach trucks come with many benefits, including:

  • The latest ergonomic controls – including Palm Steering and a multifunctional joystick for the hydraulics, both with adjustable armrests
  • A spacious and comfortable driver’s compartment with electrically adjustable floor height
  • A tilting, weight-adjustable seat which angles backwards when viewing loads at height to reduce strain
  • 360-degree synchronised steering, for four-way movement, and a wide hydraulic fork spreader adapting easily to both long and short loads
  • Automatic aids to maintain safe drive speeds, hydraulic movements and fast but stable load handling

Find out more about our four-way reach truck range below or contact one of our dealers for further information.

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