Reach trucks with greater efficiency, superior ergonomics and higher returns

Today’s NR-N2 range of Cat® reach forklift trucks combine modern styling with state-of-the-art engineering to bring you exceptional levels of productivity. Designed with performance, durability and profitability in mind, our reach trucks offer class-leading residual capacities, high efficiency, superior ergonomics and low maintenance needs.

Our reach truck range is designed around your operators with their comfort and efficiency in mind, offering benefits such as:

  • Clear views of fork tips and support legs through the poweRamic triplex free-lift mast, for precise, fast pallet handling.
  • Unlimited 360 turning. Smooth, progressive steering reduces sensitivity as truck speed increases, improving stability when cornering.
  • Easy on-off access to a wide, unobstructed and protective cabin with an intermediate step and ergonomic grab handles.
  • Smooth reach movements ensuring rapid, accurate lifting, lowering, tilt and sideshift functions.
  • Quiet, jerk-free and highly stable performance through electronic damping and the latest mast and reach carriage technology.

Cat reach forklift trucks – made to improve efficiencies

Reach trucks are one of the most popular types of warehousing equipment and are used in many warehouse applications where large storage density or fast storage and retrieval of goods are required. Our reach forklifts have a moving mast and narrow chassis and are specifically designed for pallet storage and working in narrow aisles.

The clever design of the poweRamic triplex free-lift mast on our reach trucks and its backrest gives your operators the best possible view of the fork tips and support legs, for smooth, precise, fast handling and pallet entry – with less chance of damage to loads and racking. The reach truck’s structure, with hydraulic cylinders incorporated into its profile, is both stronger and narrower than that of a conventional mast and its high mast strength and stiffened chassis have helped to deliver class-leading capacity retention at full lifts, which now extend to an impressive 13 metres.

Our reach trucks also help to keep your service bills down by combining durable design with low maintenance requirements, whilst their high efficiency helps to cut your overall cost of energy consumption.

Within the extensive choice of reach truck models and options we have to offer, there are configurations suited to a wide variety of demanding applications. Your Cat lift truck dealer will find the best one to suit your requirements perfectly and will support you with excellent customer service to maximise the return on your investment.

View our range of reach trucks below.