Dual drive, triple advantage

12 Jan 2016

Warehouse square meters are expensive. Especially in logistics and materials handling, where margins are often small, it is important to utilize space optimally. A compact and manoeuvrable forklift is indispensable. But the warehouse manager faces often a dilemma; do we choose manoeuvrability or... Read more

Prevent accidents during loading and unloading with a pallet truck

22 Dec 2014

It is the indispensable work horse during the loading and unloading in our distribution centres and warehouses; the electric pallet truck. Unfortunately, that same pallet truck has been involved in many (near) accidents during those operations. A foot gets pinched, a pallet nearly shattered or a... Read more

Just checking

21 Oct 2014

In some countries it is required by law, but in daily practice we tend to skip it: the daily check of our forklift and warehouse trucks. It makes really good business sense to verify at least periodically if our materials handling equipment is in good shape. The check has several purposes. On... Read more

Ergonomy kills two birds with one stone

26 Sep 2014

When we buy a car – new or pre-owned – we do not just consider the costs, energy consumption or design. We also seek comfort. We want to drive comfortably and wish to arrive at our destination rested.

Why would this be different when we purchase a reach truck for example?

Naturally... Read more

A closer look at orderpicking strategies

3 Sep 2014

To a layman a picking process can seem chaotic. The orderpickers drive like busy bees in an apparently chaotic way through the warehouse. However, like with bees, behind the tasks of each orderpicker lies a mature strategy. Only the shortest possible route can reduce picking costs to a minimum... Read more


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