Arno Luyten, General Manager Parts, Cat® Lift Trucks

The logistics behind the forklift Parts industry and current trends in the aftermarket

21 Jan 2019

Efficient parts supply is essential to keeping forklift trucks in action and maximising productivity. With guidance from a parts specialist, Gian Schiava finds out what it involves and how it helps the customer.

Keeping warehouse equipment working is an essential requirement in materials... Read more

Medium/ High level order picker

Cat Lift Trucks medium and high level order pickers

16 Oct 2018

Wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers who rely on distribution centres or warehouses with narrow aisles and high racking for storage benefit from using order pickers that possess immense strength, robustness and flexibility.

Combine these features with ones that improve efficiency,... Read more

Cat® NO-N2 low-level order pickers range

Industrial Truck Survey supports Cat Lift Trucks design ethos

17 Sep 2018

A recent pan-European survey within the retail supply chain commissioned by Cat® Lift Trucks highlights safety, productivity and order-picking efficiency as buyers’ top 3 reasons for choosing lift trucks with automated features.

The survey’s results also support our policy of designing... Read more

Warehouse summer preparation

How to keep your warehouse staff safe over the summer

1 Aug 2018

With higher temperatures and more temporary staff on the ground, summer is a time to take extra special care of your warehouse staff. Cat ® Lift Trucks has some seasonal advice on keeping your workforce safe and productive.

Summer Danger

If you ask your forklift truck drivers and... Read more

Forklift preparation for summer

How to prepare your forklift for its summer holiday downtime – or any period of rest.

31 Jul 2018
Whether you’re giving your forklifts a break this summer or leaving them unused for a period of time during the year, Cat ® Lift Trucks advises on a few steps you can take to keep your lift trucks in good condition and unaffected by the downtime. The right environment

Where possible, you... Read more


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