Stay safe; stay where you are

21 Nov 2016

It sounds like a verse or a game from our childhood, but also in a materials handling environment sometimes it is very true to "stay put where you are." A good example are lift truck drivers. If they - for whatever reason - get off their seat while the lift truck is still driving, then life-... Read more

Battery changing

5 Ways to Create a Safe Battery Charging Room

24 Feb 2016
5 essential interventions to create a safer battery charging room

The trend towards electric forklift trucks brings with it many benefits for the warehouse. The environment becomes cleaner and environmental noise is substantially reduced. Besides, in many European countries it is no longer... Read more

Built-In Intelligence - Gimmick or Safety Feature?

3 Feb 2016

More and more we see forklift- and warehouse trucks being equipped with systems that automatically reduce the speed of the truck, for example when cornering. One manufacturer calls it "curve control" or "curve speed control", the other uses "Curve Assistant”. The operation is broadly more or... Read more

Dual drive, triple advantage

12 Jan 2016

Warehouse square meters are expensive. Especially in logistics and materials handling, where margins are often small, it is important to utilize space optimally. A compact and manoeuvrable forklift is indispensable. But the warehouse manager faces often a dilemma; do we choose manoeuvrability or... Read more

Prevent accidents during loading and unloading with a pallet truck

22 Dec 2014

It is the indispensable work horse during the loading and unloading in our distribution centres and warehouses; the electric pallet truck. Unfortunately, that same pallet truck has been involved in many (near) accidents during those operations. A foot gets pinched, a pallet nearly shattered or a... Read more


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