24 March 2021

In 2014 Gian Schiava wrote an article for Eureka, the online magazine for the materials handling professional, about the importance of a clean, flat warehouse floor, and emphasised that negligence could have a negative impact on warehouse productivity. In his latest article, he continues his research by looking at the damage that warehouse floors can suffer, and the day-to-day efforts needed to prevent it. He also explores the types of cleaning machines available for warehouse maintenance and what to look for when buying them.

Here’s a summary of his article:

Warehouse floors are abused much more than any other type of commercial flooring. They deteriorate over time with constant use from forklifts and pallet trucks moving around on them as well as through the dragging of heavy loads across their surfaces and general use. The first visible signs of floor damage which may start to impact negatively on a warehouse’s operation include: scratches, tyre marks, reduced flatness, cracks, and chemical wear from corrosive substances as well as human factors such as inadequate maintenance.

The consequences of having a deteriorated floor can have an adverse impact on several aspects of a warehouse’s performance from the materials handling equipment and productivity to safety and general housekeeping.

Keeping warehouse floors well maintained is therefore incredibly important and not too difficult but it is time consuming. However, the more a floor is left or ignored, the more the costs will rise. Regular, simple maintenance is essential not just for the warehouse’s operation but also in presenting a clean, organised image to visiting suppliers or customers.

Gian goes on to assess the best cleaning methods to use on a warehouse floor and also what to consider if looking to buy cleaning machines for warehouse maintenance. He shares four helpful tips given to him from the supplier Nilfisk that are worth bearing in mind when buying floor cleaning equipment.

To read the full, unabridged article from Gian Schiava on why you must keep your warehouse floor tidy and in shape, visit Eureka magazine.

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