The electric lift truck that ‘knows’ what its driver wants

17 Sep 2014

The idea of intelligent automatic adjustment of performance characteristics has been taken to a whole new level in the new EP25-35N 80V electric counterbalance range from Cat® Lift Trucks.

Agility and intelligence

Designed to cope with intensive duties and tough conditions, the... Read more

eureka magazine: Expecting the unexpected

22 Jul 2014

Step into the densely packed interior of a third party logistics provider or, in fact, into almost any warehouse and what do you find? An environment that is under continuous evolution – continuous change. Warehouse managers need to be problem solvers, but planning for change can make an... Read more

eureka magazine: High productivity starts at the bottom

22 Jul 2014

A secure base

First we have to ask the question: what is a good floor? The answer may be almost too obvious: a clean, flat floor without cracks and holes and of course with a long life span. True…but reality requires a more thorough investigation. We begin by looking at the components... Read more

eureka magazine: The future of counterbalance lift trucks

22 Jul 2014

This article focuses on the counterbalance market, but the Cat® Lift Trucks development and production centre in Järvenpää, Finland, is also able to call upon its long experience in the fields of warehouse and AGV technology to enhance a wide range of products.

The main drivers of change... Read more

eureka magazine: The secret of successful tendering

21 Jul 2014

When a company reassesses or reviews its materials handling fleet strategy, it takes time to reach the right decision. After all, a fleet is a major financial outlay and it is important to get it right – to have a fleet that sits nicely in the ‘Cinderella zone’ – not too big, not too small, just... Read more


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