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eureka magazine: Warehouse improvement

12 Jul 2013

Logistic managers do not have an easy job nowadays. As companies struggle to reach their desired sales figures, the pressure is on their logistic managers to keep the costs down. At the same time, productivity and performance need to improve.

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eureka magazine: Flexible logistics

12 Jul 2013

As more and more of our daily transactions and communications take place online and by smart phone, logistics companies are facing a stark choice – adapt or die.

Gay Sutton looks at some of the newly emerging logistics models and asks, are the rest evolving quickly enough?

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eureka magazine: Automating the warehouse – considering the choices

18 Mar 2013

At recent materials handling exhibitions like Logistica (Netherlands) and Manutention (France), the number of suppliers providing automated warehouse solutions has increased significantly. Will the warehouse of the future become a high tech building with hardly a human to be seen?

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eureka magazine: Cat dealers ease the credit squeeze

18 Mar 2013

The ongoing economic crisis is making it difficult for companies to secure the necessary resources to invest in their businesses. How easy is it to gain financing through a dealer in today’s climate and are dealers offering any additional services to encourage customers to invest?

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eureka magazine: Backhauling boosts logistics cost-effectiveness

18 Mar 2013

There are many apparent barriers to backhauling, not least of which is the sticky issue of branding and working with your greatest competitor. Yet there are enormous opportunities to reduce supply chain costs and carbon emissions if these hurdles can be overcome.

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