Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

eureka magazine: Technology - Automating the warehouse

20 Sep 2016
Warehouses see automated guided vehicle (AGV) population explosion

Automation is becoming as familiar in the warehouse as it already is in manufacturing and processing. A growing part of materials handling is going beyond conveyor systems into the territory of automated vehicles. Ruari McCallion... Read more

Financing materials handling equipment

eureka magazine: Financing materials handling equipment: interview with a specialist

20 Sep 2016

A premium manufacturer like Cat® Lift Trucks understands that designing and producing a large range of forklift and warehouse trucks is just part of the deal. It must also provide a vast number of added products and services, such as efficient spare parts supply or fleet services.

One... Read more

Safety at work

eureka magazine: Is your organisation safe?

20 Sep 2016
For the best advice on materials handling safety, ask a professional

Are you putting your employees and your business in danger without even knowing it? To help in understanding the key processes a company should go through to make itself resilient and protect its staff, Mark Nicholson talks to... Read more


eureka magazine: Transport for life

20 Sep 2016
Materials handling and logistics companies support progress in the developing world

Materials handling, logistics and transport have the power to make life better, but not all areas of the world benefit equally. Mark Nicholson finds out how Transaid is working to close the gap – and what eureka... Read more

Cat Lift Trucks - reach truck

User-driven design scores another Red Dot Award win for Cat® Lift Trucks

22 Jun 2016

The involvement of customers in its design process has been crucial to the success of the NR-N2 reach truck in this year’s Red Dot Awards, according to Cat® Lift Trucks.

Shaped by user experience
Around 20 companies in Europe were visited by the Cat® Lift Trucks R&D team as part... Read more


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