get ready for BREXIT

eureka magazine: People get ready

3 Apr 2017

by Ruari McCallion

The UK’s decision to leave the EU has generated uncertainty across Europe. Ruari McCallion tries to firm things up a little. The UK’s Referendum vote to leave the EU was unexpected, to say the least, and generated quite a lot of uncertainty, which is something that... Read more

Warehouse Location

eureka magazine: Where do I build my warehouse?

3 Apr 2017

By Gian Schiava

Before deciding how to shape a materials handling operation, companies need to consider where to build their new warehouse. E-commerce has revolutionised the game, and supply chains and markets are undergoing serious changes.

Gian Schiava explores several recent... Read more

Safety Standards

eureka magazine: Lifting the safety standard

3 Apr 2017

Muddy, rutted access routes, and tradesmen milling around, are just some of the challenges facing the forklift operator on a construction site. How does the health and safety professional reduce the risks and improve safety? Gay Sutton reports.

The construction industry is one of the most... Read more

Agents of destruction

eureka magazine: Agents of destruction

3 Apr 2017

By Mark Nicholson

We all know that poor handling by a powerful forklift truck can destroy the value of an entire pallet load of goods. As Mark Nicholson warns in the following article, a single mouse dropping has the power to do the same thing.

Whether it’s a dropping, a feather, a... Read more

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

eureka magazine: Technology - Automating the warehouse

20 Sep 2016
Warehouses see automated guided vehicle (AGV) population explosion

Automation is becoming as familiar in the warehouse as it already is in manufacturing and processing. A growing part of materials handling is going beyond conveyor systems into the territory of automated vehicles. Ruari McCallion... Read more


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