The popular NR-N2 reach truck range from Cat® Lift Trucks is now available with lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries as an option.

6 January 2021

In their standard specification these trucks have already established a reputation for their performance-enhancing and cost-cutting characteristics, which increase productivity and profits. With the advantages of Li-ion technology they can push output and efficiency to even higher levels.

Customers are advised that Li-ion batteries come at a substantially higher purchase price than traditional lead-acid. For each application, an assessment will be carried out to determine whether Li-ion’s benefits will justify that extra cost. Li-ion makes most sense in high-energy, multi-shift, 24/7 operations. Elsewhere, lead-acid batteries usually remain the optimal choice.

Empower your operators

Whichever battery is selected, the NR-N2 range empowers operators to work faster and with greater precision thanks to its class-leading residual capacities, smoother and more sensitive control, and superior ergonomics.

The Cat® Responsive Drive System (RDS) ensures that all movements of the truck and its mast assembly are controlled smoothly and accurately. Lifts as high as 13 metres are possible using poweRamic masts. Their hydraulic cylinders are incorporated into the mast profile, helping to create a structure which is stronger, narrower and easier to see through than conventional designs.

The operator’s spacious cabin is furnished with a high-comfort Grammer seat, lined walls and convenient storage features. Advanced fingertip hydraulic controls are embedded into an ergonomic, adjustable armrest. Drivers can also adjust the steering wheel and operate it from a variety of hand positions.

Meet your operation’s needs

Durable construction, long service intervals and easy access to components keep downtime and repair bills low. A premium, full-colour display with easy-to-learn functionality encourages careful truck use and maintenance. Optional Li-ion batteries add extra energy efficiency, greater runtime and longer life, and are virtually maintenance-free. The Cat LIBAT option can be built into new trucks or retrofitted to existing fleets using a fast and easy conversion kit.

There are 11 Cat NR-N2 models to choose from, offering capacities from 1.4 to 2.5 tonnes. They include high-performance versions for the most intensive duties, compact chassis choices for drive-in racking and tight spaces, and straddle-leg trucks for wide pallets.

A comprehensive list of mast and fork accessories, and other options, matches the trucks perfectly to their tasks. For example, a lift height pre-selection system can be specified to maximise accuracy and speed when positioning loads in high racks. Opting for a fork-mounted camera with seven-inch colour display gives an even clearer view. For a rapid halt to mast swaying, the active sway control (ASC) option can be chosen.

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Li-ion batteries on Cat forklifts