16 July 2020

The latest upgrades from Cat® Lift Trucks to its 4.0 to 5.5 tonne diesel and LPG forklifts have reinforced their performance qualities while reducing environmental impacts and increasing driver comfort.

Powerful and environmentally friendly

The diesel forklifts range, now designated as DP40-55(C)N3, features a new Stage V compliant engine. This tough, electronically controlled, common rail unit allows each cylinder to work at peak efficiency regardless of load and speed. Meanwhile, the gas-powered forklift GP40-55(C)N models retain their reliable LPG engine.

Both powerful engines deliver high gradeability and travel speeds – two forward and one reverse – for heavy duty tasks. At the same time, they are highly fuel-efficient and meet stringent EU limits on emissions.

Kind to drivers

Low-noise, low-vibration engine design, built into a fully floating powertrain with a smooth transmission system, helps to keep drivers comfortable. The upgrade has also involved fitting all forklift models with an ergonomically shaped, deluxe Grammer seat that gives optimal lumbar support. Meanwhile, a deluxe cabin has been added to the options list.

For extra driver safety, both the gas-powered forklifts and diesel forklift trucks’ features include a ground speed limiter and high-quality, hydraulically controlled drum brakes. A multifunctional LCD display shows safety warnings, keeps drivers informed of truck condition and enables rapid troubleshooting. On diesel forklift models it displays soot status.

The natural choice for heavy duties

High power and a rugged, durable construction of the forklift trucks are combined with compact, smooth lines for easy manoeuvring in limited space. Typical workplaces requiring these characteristics include ports, construction sites, freight facilities, and metal and brick businesses.

Customers can choose from five diesel and five LPG counterbalance gas-powered forklift models, with capacities of 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 or 5.5 tonnes. Each can be fine-tuned to the user’s requirements by selecting from a long list of optional extras.

See them in action via www.catlifttruck.com/videos and follow the news on Facebook and Twitter.

cat fork lift DP40-55(C)N3