Cat® Lift Trucks has increased the advantages of stand-in power pallets with its NPR20-30N2 range. This new generation offers even greater productivity, cost savings and storage efficiency.

3 May 2022

Ideal for fast internal transport of heavy and long loads, they cover everything from short shuttle runs to large distances. Efficiently answering intense demands, including multi-shift truck use, their key applications include production areas, warehouses and cross-docks.

Save space and work faster

You can narrow your aisles and save 10% of your floor space, thanks to the truck’s small footprint. With a design which places the operator right inside the truck, it only needs about 2.3 metres of aisle width.

Compact dimensions mean the NPR20-30N2 range of trucks can manoeuvre more quickly through narrow spaces, with no stops to fold and unfold platforms. Operators feel safe to work at high speeds as they are enclosed and protected by the chassis. This is especially welcome in busy logistics centres where many trucks are rushing at the same time to meet order deadlines. Clear all-round vision is another benefit of the stand-in power pallet principle.

Automated speed and stability aids give further confidence. Meanwhile, advanced drive technology, progressive electric power steering and automatic cornering control make every operation faster and smoother.

Empower your operators

In all areas, the new models build on their designers’ long-established world leadership in stand-in truck development. This includes a strong focus on user comfort and ergonomics, helping to optimise operator satisfaction, performance and work rate.

The comfortable operator compartment is quiet and vibration-free, with easy entry and exit. All controls have been ergonomically designed to minimise stress, strain and fatigue, while maximising precision and speed.

The fully adjustable steering console can be moved upward, downward, forward and backward. This allows for different driving positions, depending on the travel direction and the operator’s preferences.

An adjustable armrest comfortably supports the operator’s other arm and wrist. It positions his or her hand perfectly to operate the thumbwheel throttle, fingertip hydraulic levers and other controls simultaneously.

Reduce your costs

Thanks to these advantages you will get more work done, in less time, with fewer trucks and operators. This all helps to lower your total cost of operation (TCO). In addition, high efficiency, durable build quality and easy servicing combine to reduce running costs and downtime.

You can order Cat stand-in power pallets with a choice of lead-acid or fully integrated Li-ion batteries. Li-ion benefits include enhanced performance and the option of fast opportunity charging for continuous operation without battery changes. Li-ion technology also increases battery efficiency, runtime and lifespan, while minimising maintenance needs, for an even lower TCO.

There are two models to choose from, with nominal capacities of 2.0 and 3.0 tonnes. Specification choices can be expanded with optional features.

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