New Cat® 2.5 to 3.5 tonne electrics: more agile, intelligent and productive than ever

9 November 2021

Cat® Lift Trucks has announced a successor to its popular 2.5 to 3.5 tonne 80V counterbalance range – packed with features and options for even greater driving pleasure and productivity.

Automatic aids

Through their Responsive Drive System (RDS), Cat EP25-35AN trucks seem to know how the driver wants them to behave at any moment. RDS adapts performance characteristics rapidly in reaction to the speed of accelerator pedal and hydraulic control movements. It also smooths out all stops, starts and other actions.

Other automatic aids include PowerBurst, which kicks in when an extra burst of acceleration or climbing torque is needed to maintain rapid motion. Intelligent curve control ensures smooth and safe cornering, while electronic differential locking boosts confidence on slippery surfaces.

Two advances in automated hydraulic technology – the SmoothFlow hydraulic system and automatic hydraulic control tuning – enable smoother, faster and safer load handling. These optimise mast and fork movements according to load weights and lift heights. During higher lifts, passive sway control allows absorption of mast tilting forces by the chassis.

A positive driving experience

From the driver’s perspective, all simultaneous or individual hydraulic actions are controlled effortlessly via light but responsive fingertip levers or the option of dual joysticks. At the same time, design tweaks have improved the all-round view to aid accurate positioning of the truck and its loads.

Manoeuvring is unbeatably agile, thanks largely to the OmniTurn all-wheel steering system. Its 100°+ rear turning axle enables instant side turns without the need for initial backward movement. The truck’s spacious, generously equipped, high-comfort driver compartment, floating on rubber mounts to cut out vibration, is ergonomically designed for strain-free operation. Stress and fatigue are further reduced by quiet drive units and other low-noise technologies, which include the option of market-leading SilentRun+ hydraulic pumps. Meanwhile, a refreshed range of weatherproof cabin options is available to meet different needs.

High output and cost efficiency

Today’s Cat electric counterbalance customers can choose between lead-acid or fully integrated Li-ion battery power. Li-ion technology enhances the trucks’ capabilities and allows fast opportunity charging for continuous operation without battery changes.

Like its predecessors, the Cat EP25-35AN range is built to cope with intensive duties in tough conditions. Its durable qualities, low maintenance needs, easy servicing and strong energy efficiency promise higher productivity – with minimal interruption – and a lower total cost of operation (TCO).

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New Cat® 2.5 to 3.5 tonne electrics
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