Cat® Lift Trucks has introduced the option of lithium-ion batteries on its award-winning EP25-35(C)N 80V electric counterbalance forklift range.

30 June 2020

The move is part of a scheduled programme to make Li-ion forklift battery technology available on specific Cat® trucks, as soon as it becomes genuinely cost-effective for those products. To date, it has been applied optionally to a variety of Cat order pickers, pallet trucks, stackers and tow trucks, as well as 48V counterbalance models.

Will Li-ion batteries work for you?

While the needs of most forklift trucks in most applications are still met optimally by lead-acid batteries, Lithium-ion batteries have become a realistic alternative in some cases. It is especially likely to make economic and practical sense in high-energy, multi-shift, 24/7 operations.
Designed to cope with intensive duties and tough conditions, Cat EP25-35(C)N electrics are high-powered, highly productive forklift trucks which can benefit from the cost-saving and productivity advantages of Li-ion batteries. These must be assessed against the higher purchase cost of Li-ion to determine whether the extra investment is justified in each case.

The new Li-ion forklift batteries give longer service, higher energy efficiency and greater runtime, with a more constant voltage curve which maintains high performance levels even toward the end of a shift. Further time savings result from faster charging and opportunity charging, with virtually no need for battery maintenance. Depending on the work pattern, it is possible to operate forklift trucks continuously with no battery changes.

High productivity and driver satisfaction – whatever the battery

Whatever battery is chosen whether a lead-acid or Li-ion battery, the Cat EP25-35(C)N range boosts output by meeting all driver needs and wishes. When selecting it for a prestigious Red Dot Award, judges praised its excellent user experience and clever design.
Key features include the Cat Responsive Drive System (RDS), which seems to know how the driver wants the truck to behave at every moment and adjusts its performance mode accordingly.

Intelligent curve control reduces speed in a much more natural and comfortable way than traditional cornering systems.

The next-generation, dual drive, 4-wheel steering system’s +100-degree rear axle rotation combines with curve control to enable tight and smooth turning. When reversing, side turns can be made without pushing back. Uniquely, this truck can also be steered using the front axle.

These advances in intelligence and agility, along with a high-comfort operator compartment and ergonomic controls, make the truck a pleasure to drive. Customers can choose from five models, which include compact and standard chassis sizes, in capacities from 2.5 to 3.5 tonnes. The Cat ‘LIBAT’ option can be built into new trucks or retrofitted to existing fleets using a fast and easy conversion kit.

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