The flexibility of movement offered by the two Cat® Lift Trucks multi-way reach truck models is far superior to that of a four-way truck.

Six modes can be selected: forward/reverse, sideways, diagonal, rotational, agile cornering and automatic transition between normal and lateral. The trucks’ all-wheel synchronised steering combines with a special fork positioner to allow easy mobility and perfect positioning of loads in any situation.

The Cat Responsive Drive System and other automatic control features of these multi-way reach trucks ensure all movements are smooth and precise – enhancing user enjoyment, performance and safety. A comfortable cabin with ergonomic controls also helps to optimise the driving experience and output. Downtime and repair bills are minimised by durability, quick service access and – via a full-colour display – clear information.

Nominal capacity choice is between 2.0 and 2.5 tonnes, while masts can be selected with maximum heights between 4.8 and 10.0 metres. In addition to a generous standard specification, many optional features can be requested to match the multi-way reach trucks precisely to the user’s needs. Along with general distribution centres, logistics hubs and warehouses, these multi-way reach trucks will increase productivity in specialist industrial sectors including timber, metal and electricity.

  • Durable components and quick service access minimise downtime and bills.
  • High-strength, single-unit load wheels, with cast instead of welded parts, turn within the chassis to avoid risk of collision damage and are easy to reach for maintenance.
  • Full-colour display panel, with clear information in operator’s own language and simple-to-learn functionality, advises on truck status, avoids misuse and protects your

  • All-wheel synchronised steering, together with fork positioner, simplifies handling of long loads in narrow aisles.
  • Multi-directional travel – forward/backward, sideways, diagonal and rotational – is complemented by an agile cornering mode and another for automatic transition between normal and lateral modes without stopping.
  • Each load wheel has an independent steering motor, controller and brake system, and turns 360° in either direction, for unbeatable manoeuvrability, speed and precision.
  • Responsive Drive System (RDS), featuring S4 mast handling, reacts to speed of accelerator pedal and hydraulic control movement, adjusting performance mode to meet operator’s changing needs.
  • High-quality fork positioner, with inbuilt tilt function, has a wide spread to cope with a great variety of load dimensions

  • State-of-the-art adjustable armrest combines anatomical support with free movement, perfect hand positioning and spring-force-optimised fingertip hydraulic controls for comfortable, low-effort operation.
  • Dual joystick option separates functions such as clamp opening, to avoid accidental moves, and is especially useful if fingertip levers are too small for operation with gloves (or large hands).
  • Intermediate step and ergonomic grab handles allow easy and quick ‘swinging’ transfers to and from a spacious, high-comfort cabin whose low seat position gives extra headroom.
  • Driver comforts include fully adjustable seat and steering wheel, optimally shaped and angled pedals, and other intuitive, ergonomically arranged controls.
  • Automatic aids include progressive steering, curve control and reduction of drive and reach speed with mast height, for smooth, safe and efficient driving.
  • Lift height and load weight indicators are included as standard to encourage safe handling.
  • Hydraulic braking is highly effective, allowing confident highspeed work, and requires little maintenance.

  • Choice of fork positioner widths (1700mm or 2200mm)
  • Blue safety light
  • Working lights
  • High-comfort Grammer seats
  • Overhead guard with mesh or Plexiglas
  • Audio system
  • Custom-designed or special RAL colour side covers
  • DC/DC converter
  • USB power supply for mobile charging
  • Additional power supply for warehouse management system (WMS) PC

NRM20N2 2000 600 Electric
NRM25N2 2500 600 Electric

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