The presentation event for this year’s prestigious Red Dot Design Awards, which took place on 8th July, gave Cat® Lift Trucks another stage on which to highlight the importance of customer-focused product development.

Designers Kero Uusitalo and Antti Asunmaa received a laureate certificate for their work on the Cat® EP14-20A(C)N(T) 48V electric counterbalance forklift range.

“This product has been designed and built around our customers, and we are very proud that our success in meeting their needs has been recognised by a Red Dot Design Award,” said Kero Uusitalo. The award-winning Cat lift truck was one of more than 5,500 entries, from which the judges selected only the best for this honour.

At a celebratory gala in the Aalto Theatre, Essen, Germany, the Red Dot organisation paid tribute to 2019’s leading designers and manufacturers. This was followed by a Designers’ Night in the Red Dot Design Museum, attended by around 1,200 international guests, where the Red Dot Award winners were presented with their certificates.

Those present were able to take a close look at the Cat lift truck and other winning product designs. They also had an exclusive opportunity, at the after-show party, to view three special exhibitions before their official opening on 12 July.

Antti Asunmaa commented: “We are thrilled and proud to stand and network among so many great designers. This celebration brings together designers from a wide variety of different product sectors, all united by their wish to offer high-quality design. For Kero, myself and our fellow professionals at Cat Lift Trucks, that means making sure we understand our customers and translate that understanding into the product.”

All award-winning products are presented in the Red Dot yearbook and can be viewed online at

In the yearbook, the write up of the Cat 48V lift truck reads: This electric forklift range comes with 360-degree steering, which keeps the load particularly stable due to smooth but fast flowing turns. Its responsive drive system reacts to speed, steering and pedal movements, ensuring well-controlled handling and manoeuvring. In addition, the range is equipped with load-sensing hydraulics and features such as curve control and hill-hold. The customised functions and options of these Cat 48V models offer improved operator ergonomics and help to reduce fatigue.

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Cat® Lift Trucks has received prestigious Red Dot Design Award for its excellent user experience and clever design