Why is time efficiency so essential to warehouse business success – and how can it be improved? As a leading developer and manufacturer of materials handling equipment designed to improve warehouse efficiency, Cat® Lift Trucks offers the following summary.

In warehousing, time is money. Slow working and throughput not only reduce profit but also risks losing those customers who demand a fast service. While this is especially true for 24/7 online businesses, it also affects the bottom line of more traditional companies too. Today’s trend towards shorter materials handling cycles and smaller loads increases time pressure further and requires changes in the way goods are managed.

Time is lost largely through inadequate management and use of space, materials handling machinery, people and data. Cat Lift Trucks can help with all these factors, although its primary concern is to maximise warehouse efficiency and performance of forklifts and their operators.

Optimised assets

In warehousing, forklift truck operators are one of its most important assets. Cat® warehouse and counterbalance forklift trucks assist and reward them with ergonomic, comfortable, safe and healthy working conditions. This enhances their motivation and work rate, whilst sickness absence and accident-related downtime are minimised, and good employees – who are becoming harder to recruit – are retained.

Meanwhile, ergonomic design and high-performance engineering give our forklifts a combination of speed, control and precision that optimises warehousing productivity in their specialised applications. For an example of how this is achieved, a good place to start is by taking a look at the Cat NO-N2 low-level order picker range.

To minimise warehousing time losses through forklift truck breakdowns and maintenance, Cat products are built to the highest quality and designed for quick and easy servicing. We have a strong global network of factories and dealers which avoids delays in the supply of forklift trucks, parts and service.

Rapid advances

At Cat Lift Trucks, we monitor and respond to our customers’ changing needs, globally and locally, with rapid development of new materials handling products fit for the future. Automation, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Li-ion batteries are just some of the advancing technologies that we use in developing, manufacturing, equipping and managing our forklifts.

In the competitive warehouse business environment, where every second counts and warehouse efficiency is a must, you can depend on Cat Lift Trucks to keep you ahead.

For further information on Cat® forklifts, please visit our lift trucks section and browse all of our materials handling solutions. See them in action via https://www.catlifttruck.com/videos

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increased employee satisfaction and operational efficiency
Efficient lighting has increased employee satisfaction and operational efficiency. Photo: Signify