Cat® Lift Trucks Forklift Safety Guide

When operating a forklift, it is important to ensure you are fully trained and aware of the risks to ensure safe operation of the machinery. Failure to be mindful of the risks could result in catastrophic consequences. Although most forklift handlers are well trained and safety conscious, things can still go wrong. Here’s our forklift safety guide.

1) Overturning:

Overturning is one of the most common forklift truck mistakes. To ensure you avoid this, be careful not to carry loads at dangerous heights while on the move. Remember to always keep your load low (150mm) when travelling at fast speeds and fasten your seatbelt.

2) Spilling Loads:

To ensure forklift safety at all times, be careful when travelling down steep declines with unusual or large loads. Make sure to travel backwards and ensure your load is tightly and safely secured.

3) Driving Too Fast:

Driving too fast is one of the most common forklift safety failures. It can cause potential dangers for pedestrians and by standers. Travel slowly and don’t forget to use your horn to make others aware that you are coming.

4) Runaway Forklift Trucks:

Not following the correct parking procedures could result in your truck escaping you; a potentially disastrous forklift safety failure. When you leave your truck unattended, don’t forget to apply the parking brake and take the machine out of gear.

5) Falling Trucks:

Not being careful in the loading area can result in a fall from a significant height. Avoid vehicle movement in the dock by removing the driver’s keys, installing a traffic light system or simply use a chock until the loading process is complete.

6) No Passengers:

Carrying passengers is a serious forklift safety failure. A forklift truck isn’t a bus and it can be extremely dangerous. Never transport anyone other than yourself and your load.

7) Cabin Safety:

Not being aware of what your arms or legs are doing or where they are when driving could result in a serious injury for both you or a passer-by. Keep limbs inside of the truck whilst it is moving.

Avoid lift truck disasters – follow forklift safety rules at all times
  • Never operate a truck unless you have been trained to do so
  • Only ever operate a truck within the rated capacity
  • Slow down and sound the horn at all cross aisles and doorways
  • Inspect the truck at the start of every shift – don’t operate if it doesn’t pass checks
  • Always act in accordance with applicable safety regulations and the truck manual

To find out more, download our forklift safety infographic PDF
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