It’s just over a year since we launched our Cat® Lift Trucks APP and it’s proving to be a valued business tool for our customers, prospects and dealers.

The APP, which was launched in winter 2017 in response to the growing need from our dealers and potential customers for more easy-to-access, detailed information on our product ranges, has already been downloaded by over 1500 users and is becoming the go-to reference point for information on our comprehensive range of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment.

The latest feedback on our APP shows that it is used in the following ways:

For research: It has become a useful tool for anyone researching their next forklift truck purchase and looking for the right forklift to meet the needs of their materials handling task.

To check specs and information: Ideal for anyone wanting to check the spec of their current forklift truck, find out the spec of a new one or discover more about Cat.

To save time: Especially for our dealer network, the APP is proving a valuable time-saver; not only does it allow quick reference to any information needed, they use it on-the-go to access product information wherever they are – even when there is no internet access available.

Since its launch, the APP has been constantly updated with new product information and statistics to ensure that it holds detailed facts on every model within our forklift trucks range. We have also included a ‘key features and benefits list’ for each forklift which helps to make it easier for potential customer to decide which truck is most suited to the task in mind. Additionally, by featuring spec sheets and brochures for each forklift as well as a range of videos showing some of the machines in action, the APP allows the user to gain a good understanding of each of the trucks usage and capabilities. For anyone looking for extra advice, there is also useful industry related information on standard container sizes and safety symbols typically seen in materials handling.

Our Cat Lift Trucks APP is available in three languages: English, French, Italian and also contains the AME-CIS truck range. It is free to download from Google Play for Android users while iOS users can find it on the App Store. It works equally well on smartphones and tablets.

We are constantly looking to improve our APP and welcome any suggestions or feedback you may have which can be left here: