Wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers who rely on distribution centres or warehouses with narrow aisles and high racking for storage benefit from using order pickers that possess immense strength, robustness and flexibility.

Combine these features with ones that improve efficiency, productivity and safety and you have the latest range of medium and high level electric order pickers from Cat® Lift Trucks.

Our highly specified range is designed to enable you to increase your pick rates whilst keeping your staff safe and comfortable during operation. Based on the same rugged, modular, low-maintenance design, both models are specified for maximum output and profitability.

So why choose a Cat® medium and high level order picker?

1. You benefit from greater productivity

For the heaviest and highest duties, our 48V NOH12PH high-level order picker reaches picking locations up to 12.1 metres and has an unequalled 1.25 tonne capacity. Meanwhile, our 24V NOM10P medium-level order picker offers you efficient picking at lower racking levels up to 9.85 metres, with a 1.0 tonne capacity.

In order to make your drivers as comfortable as possible and give them the best positioning to achieve an optimal work rate, a choice of four main performance modes can be selected to match settings with different drivers, applications and preferences. Another feature provided specifically to maintain productivity and avoid any disruption to work is the order pickers’ accurate battery discharge indicator (BDI) which allows recharging of the vehicle to be planned so that downtime can be kept to a minimum.

2. Your drivers gain a better user experience

The advanced, user-friendly interface on the order pickers features a two-piece control panel, integrated into the chassis to allow a shorter, more compact truck design with optimum operator space. To the right is an adjustable control unit to allow the user to correct their position and is designed to give their hand a perfect anatomical fit, a strong grip and the best possible support. This can then be controlled comfortably and precisely by the right hand whilst the left hand stays firmly on the Midi steering wheel. Additionally, an optional comfort cushion can be adjusted to the driver’s preferred position for leaning or sitting during travel.

Entry, exit and walk-through access to the order picker is incredibly easy with the help of a low step height of only 215mm, two convenient grab handles and a cushioned, high-grip mat. Additionally, once in the vehicle, the whole floor of acts as a driver presence sensor (DPS), so that the truck can be operated from whatever standing position the driver finds most comfortable. (Unlike a traditional ‘deadman pedal’, it is also safer as no tripping hazards are present and it cannot be disabled easily by the drivers.)

3. Safety is at the heart of the design

Along with the DPS, electronic aids to safety on the order pickers include automatic speed reduction for stability as well as added protection during turns and high lifts. The travel rate can also be adjusted according to the steered wheel angle. SecurGate side gates can be used to reduce fall risk at any height and their control system prevents the order picker from being operated if they remain open above 1.2 metres. Whenever the platform is above its lowest position and the gates are open, an optional step-out warning alarm sounds and a message is shown on screen.

Every aspect of the lift truck’s structure is designed with your driver’s safety in mind such as features like the poweRamic mast and transparent front panels which enhance the driver’s view for safe, accurate operation. Additionally, the multiple storage compartments keep the operator’s equipment close at hand, so avoiding inefficient, potentially hazardous clutter. Standard features include an overhead guard as well as warning lights inside each straddle leg and on the trucks’ front corners.

4. You gain maximum output and profitability and lowest costs

Both the medium and high level order picker ranges use the latest efficient AC drive motor technology which combines improved torque, efficiency and control with minimal maintenance needs to keep your costs down.
To save time and enable quick diagnostics as well as individual PIN code log-ins and easy driver settings, each vehicle displays clear status information and fault warnings which are given by the ATC t4 onboard computer and display. Additionally, an ECO-mode can be selected to slow operation down slightly whilst making significant savings, for example on energy savings this will be about 5-6%.

The use of the latest efficient AC drive motor technology is part of the overall approach of Cat Lift Trucks to help reduce your service bills, accidents and energy consumption, resulting in overall higher profits.

For more information on our latest range of order pickers or to discuss the best solution for your requirements, contact your local Cat® lift trucks dealer. To see our warehouse equipment in action visit https://www.catlifttruck.com/videos

Medium/ High level order picker
Medium/ High level order picker
Medium level order picker NOM10P
Medium level order picker NOM10P
High level order picker NOH12PH
High level order picker NOH12PH