The features and benefits of our NSP10-16N2 pedestrian stackers

Our pedestrian stackers are designed for short shuttle applications and stacking of up to 5.4 metres high. The NSP10-16N2 stacker truck range incorporates all the latest technology to provide reliable products handling workhorse for any warehouse.

Some features include:

  • An integrated drive and lift system with fewer components than previous models meaning there is less scope for breakdown
  • An ergonomic tiler arm which helps keep operators fresh with comfortable, easy to use controls
  • Each pedestrian stacker comes with an AC motor which gives low energy consumption and precise drive control
  • The folding driver platform on the N2R stacker truck models gives comfort and easy operation in tight spaces – it stays down when lowered, saving operators time
  • Tapered fork tips make for accurate pallet entry, speeding up handling and preventing damage
  • The slim, high strength mast profiles and careful hydraulic hose arrangements of these pedestrian stackers give great visibility with minimal load movements
  • The N2l initial lift models let operators raise mast and forks to increase ground clearance for work on ramps
  • The narrower truck body of these stacker trucks makes handling operations in confined areas much easier
  • An advanced programmable controller lets users match the truck to its task for optimal energy use and longer shift life

About each model:

The NSP10N2 pedestrian stacker is an efficient and high performing 1.0 tonne machine which can operate in the smallest of warehouse environments. The heavier duty NSP12N2, NSP14N2 and NSP16N2 offer 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6 tonnes load capacities respectively. The 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6 tonne pedestrian stacker models also benefit from a fold-down operator platform to take all the legwork out of longer distances.
All three stacker trucks also come with lift variants (NSP12/14/16N2I) which allow ground clearance to be increased for ramp work. Versions with both the operator platform and initial lift are also available (NSP12/14/16N2IR).

Find out more about the NSP10-16N2 range of stacker trucks here.