Electric Lift Truck Cabins, Designed with the Operator in Mind

The cabins of our EP25-35(C)N electric lift trucks are cleverly and carefully designed to give the operator ultimate comfort when using the equipment.

Our Electric Forklift Truck Cabin – The Benefits

The forklift’s spacious, high comfort cabin is ergonomically designed to allow strain-free operation with minimal need for the driver to move.
The cabin of our EP25-35(C)N electric lift trucks comes with a flat, unobstructed floor with adjustable seat and steering wheel. The pedals are positioned at optimum angles.
To maximise the operators’ view when driving, the cabin includes a specially inclined dashboard and counterweight. In this model, we have also redesigned the adjustable armrest to include hydraulic controls and related functions; all within comfortable reach of the operator’s fingertips.
The cabin of this electric lift truck also includes a colour display which makes for easy reading from all different angles. Keeping the operator fully informed, the display gives clear messages in the operator’s language, along with helpful symbols.
A twin-mode key switch can be set to ECO or PRO, depending on the driver’s experience and the need for low energy use or rapid performance.

More About the EP25-35(C)N Electric Lift Truck Range

This electric lift truck range is the perfect solution for applications which require high-powered performance, but where diesel powered, IC engine lift trucks and their emissions are not allowed. The EP25-35(C)N electric lift truck range is designed for use on intensive duties with tough conditions. They are highly productive, and their agility, intelligence and comfort makes them a pleasure to drive.
Typical applications might include:

  • Food and beverage manufacturing and wholesale
  • Paper manufacturing and wholesale
  • Foundries
  • Chemicals, textiles and rubber
  • Machinery and heavy equipment

Find out more about the EP25-35(C)N range, here.