Cat® Lift Trucks – Material Handling Equipment Suppliers

We are part of the Caterpillar family. A family headed by Caterpillar Inc - the world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, gas engines and turbines. An organization that generates customer success and drives positive change globally. We share the same successful customer focused philosophy and our products share the same successful DNA, which is why Cat Lift Trucks strive to be a warehouse equipment supplier which deliver high performance and durability even in the most arduous of applications.

We are material handling equipment suppliers that aim to make your business successful and thinking like you, our customer, is key to that success. We make sure we understand your needs and deliver the best value solutions that result in minimising management costs and cutting waste, all while maintaining product and service quality.

Our standards

We’re warehouse equipment suppliers you can believe in with high social environmental and ethical standard. Just like you, we value integrity, excellence, teamwork and commitment - these principles are applied in everything we do. We are totally committed to being your long-term materials handling equipment supplier. The resources we can call upon to make your business successful include worldwide production facilities with factories and marketing divisions in the Netherlands, Finland, USA, Japan and China. We also call upon plant centres in Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Singapore.

Our dealer network

We have a global dealer network of warehouse equipment suppliers. We offer large, international fleets expert auditing of their materials handling needs. We’re also able to offer advise across our wide selection of warehouse products, suggest options which meet your requirements and identify the right financial package.

Our dealers can offer you unlimited choice of new and used equipment based on leasing short-term, rental or a mixture.

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