Cat Lift Trucks - Customer Review of DP70N Forklift - Mystic Seaport - Sold in AME/CIS region

Mystic Seaport share their views on our DP70N forklift truck:

Quentin Snediker, Shipyard Director:
“Mystic Seaport is the largest maritime museum in the United States. The mission is to inspire an enduring connection with the American maritime experience. We have about 300,000 visitors every year and our responsibility here is to maintain the fleet of historic watercraft. Ranging from small canoes to the whaleship Charles W Morgan ship that weighs 450 tons.

Many applications start with a tree and finish with the ship and a Cat diesel forklift is absolutely vital to every movement along the way. We've had a tradition of Cat machinery here. We've got a 1954 Cat forklift, so our familiarity with the reliability of Cat equipment and the great service that we've had through the decades led us to choose a piece of Cat machinery again.

Our shipyard is not just a working shipyard, but it is a visitor space and we need to integrate the use of our heavy equipment with visitors actually walking through the work areas.

Our experience has shown us that this machine is durable, reliable and we have great confidence in it.”

Nathan Adams, Shipwright:

“Mystic Seaport is the museum of American sea. We have vessels that were built here dating back hundreds of years and carrying on that tradition of American-made machinery is fantastic for us.

A typical job here might be to move a 7-tonne oak log from a trailer into our sawmill. We're then moving those cut pieces of wood from the sawmill into big machinery that we use to cut it up into formula boat parts and we're taking those parts from the machinery and moving them onto the boat like the Mayflower.

It's been a good 20 plus years since we've had a replacement machine, so getting a brand-new diesel forklift to help with these types of applications was pretty exciting.

Our new Cat diesel forklift gives us a full range of visibility and great manoeuvrability so that we can safely work around visitors. The new diesel forklift allows us to control the forks from the cab which is a really time-saving feature.”

Scott Noseworthy, General Maintenance Supervisor:

“The reason we picked the DP70N was because it was a direct replacement for the machine that we currently used, both in its footprint and manoeuvrability around the shipyard.
The moving forks are a great help with us not having to climb on and off the machine to adjust. It could have been at least 2 hours a day jumping off the machine just to readjust the forks. I wouldn't go with anything else.”

Greg See, Shipwright:

“Often at Mystic Seaport, we are moving 30-foot logs with the public standing 20 feet away. Every nook of space gets used and therefore being able to get in and out of all those tight corners is unparalleled.

The visibility from within this Cat diesel forklifts great. The windows open so communication is easy. The side mirrors are also quite helpful. I would absolutely recommend Cat to others.”