The NPS20N sit-on power pallet truck offers outstanding materials handling capabilities and optimal ergonomics for the driver, across the longest of warehouse transfer distances.

  • AC-drive technology means longer service intervals, reducing the total cost of ownership.
  • Durable chassis and mast construction, designed and built for years of service.
  • Battery discharge indicator (BDI) incorporates lift cut-out for battery protection.

  • The AC motors in these trucks deliver smooth, controllable power, providing fast, efficient horizontal pallet transport over longer distances.
  • High drive speed, with or without load, and rapid acceleration help maintain fast-paced handling operations.
  • Large battery compartment (up to 500 Ah).
  • Standard PIN code start-up, and driver specific settings.
  • Programmable features for driver.
  • Regenerative (Regen) braking feeds power back into the battery.
  • LCD display with all relevant information.
  • Good service access - a seat which swings open in seconds.
  • Battery roller as standard for quick battery change.
  • Progressive steering for excellent maneuvering at low speeds and stability at high speed.
  • Rounded fork tips for easy pallet entry, when approaching at an angle.
  • Easy to operate driver’s menu.

  • Driver well protected by chassis.
  • Ergonomically designed electronic 360° fly-by-wire steering gives precise control at speed.
  • Adjustable seat and armrest keeps the operator comfortable, enhancing concentration during longer shift operations.
  • Standard load weight indicator.
  • Good all round visibility.
  • Automatic speed reduction in curves and castor wheels keep the truck stable for safe and secure handling.

  • Various fork lengths.
  • Customized side plates (for company livery).
  • Pallet entry & exit rollers.
  • Cold store modification.
  • 2500 Kg version.
  • Overhead guard.
  • List bracket or PC support.
  • Key switch instead of start/stop button.

NPS20N 2000 600 Electric

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