The narrower the aisle, the higher the racking, the cheaper the cost of storage. Welcome to the Cat® Lift Trucks range of high level order pickers.

Narrow aisles and high racking radically reduce your storage costs but these environments require order pickers of immense strength, robustness and flexibility. So Cat Lift Trucks has designed a range of high level order pickers to suit such demanding applications, where long hours, high productivity and minimum maintenance are needed.

Our order pickers offer you top levels of performance in picking heights, and lifting and lowering speeds with the lowest operational costs. Built around powerful, programmable AC motors, our hard-working order pickers help you create an efficient and effective work environment whilst the ergonomic design of their operator environments, will help to maximise your drivers’ productivity.

They have been designed to precisely match your particular order picking requirements. AC motors deliver smooth controllable power for speedy operation and precise control. The operator compartments and safety features, such as fold down gates, non-slip mats and grab handles enhance secure working, even at the highest levels. All order pickers can also be programmed to suit your exact requirements for travel speed and lifting/lowering, where applicable, to match operator ability, load type and working conditions.

For instance, on the NOH10N high level order picker, the lowering speed when fully loaded is a fast 0.5 m/s, whilst the heavy duty NOH10NH with triplex mast enables picking heights of up to 11.5 meters. The patented PoweRamic® mast on this order picker is equipped with an active mast damping system which radically reduces the forward/backward sway at large heights when braking or accelerating. This ensures optimal driver confidence, comfort and increased productivity. Additionally, ‘Ergolift’ allows the operator to raise the forks to a comfortable working height, whilst the position of the hydraulic forks cylinder under the floor and the split controls give unobstructed access to the collecting pallet. Smooth steering enables efficient movement from aisle to aisle, while the rubber floor mat is specially designed to dampen noise and provide grip.

Like all Cat forklifts, our high level order pickers have been designed for easy maintenance and servicing and they benefit from easily opened panels and covers, for quick service access to all components. Although the powerful AC drive motors are virtually maintenance free, built-in diagnostics monitor the order picker’s performance to minimize essential servicing downtime. Battery exchange is also quick and easy, using either standard battery rollers available on most models or optional exchange systems depending on model type. Your dealer can advise you on the most efficient method to suit your operation.