Cat high level order picker
cat order picker in aisle
Medium High level order picker

Optimise the benefits of high racking and narrow aisles with the latest medium- and high-level order pickers from Cat® Lift Trucks

Narrow aisles and high racking radically reduce your storage costs, but require order pickers of immense strength, robustness and flexibility if their advantage is to be maximised. Cat lift Trucks has developed two specialised order pickers to meet these needs. Based on the same rugged, modular, low-maintenance design, they are specified for maximum output and profitability.

The benefits of a Cat medium- or high-level order picker:

  • Greatest productivity through excellent lifting capabilities
  • Best user experience provided by advanced interface and cabin ergonomics
  • Safest operation aided by safe design and automated safeguarding systems
  • Lowest costs thanks to enhanced efficiency and reduced maintenance needs

The latest user interface concept features a right-hand control unit designed for comfortable, precise operation and a Midi steering wheel on which the left hand rests. From the ergonomic cabin, optionally fitted with an adjustable cushion for sitting or leaning, the poweRamic mast and transparent front panels give a clear view. Quick and obstacle-free walk-through access is enabled by a low step height and by a cushioned non-slip mat which also serves as a whole-floor driver presence sensor. Other safety systems include SecurGate side gates and automatic turning speed control.

The Cat medium- and high-level order picker range

The high-level order picker NOH12PH is specified for the heaviest and highest duties. This 48V model reaches picking locations up to 12.1 metres and offers an unmatched 1.25 tonne capacity.

The medium-level order picker NOM10P , is a 24V model which picks efficiently up to 9.85 metres and has a 1.0 tonne capacity.

The patented PoweRamic® mast on this Cat order picker is equipped with an active mast damping system which radically reduces the forward/backward sway at large heights when braking or accelerating. This ensures optimal driver confidence, comfort and increased productivity. Additionally, ‘Ergolift’ allows the operator to raise the high-level order picker forks to a comfortable working height, whilst the position of the hydraulic forks cylinder under the floor and the split controls give unobstructed access to the collecting pallet.
Smooth steering enables efficient movement from aisle to aisle, while the rubber floor mat is specially designed to dampen noise and provide grip.

All of the range’s other great features are shared by both order pickers. At the trucks’ heart is advanced AC drive technology, which combines improved torque, efficiency and control with minimal maintenance needs. The driver and owner benefit from an ATC t4 onboard computer and display which is vital to the maximising performance and minimising costs. As well as giving clear status and fault warnings, it enables quick diagnostics, PIN code log-ins and easy driver settings. Four main performance settings are available, for matching with different applications, drivers and preferences. Choosing ECO mode slows truck operation a little but saves significantly – 5-6% – on energy consumption.

Your dealer can advise you on the most efficient method to suit your operation. Click here to find your local dealer, our browse our range of order pickers below.