Cat® Lift Trucks is one of the largest manufacturers of materials handling products in the world.

Cat® Lift Trucks products are represented by a network of independent dealers who are committed to the highest quality of local representation. Whether electric, I/C engine or warehouse, Cat® Lift Trucks has an economic materials handling solution to meet today's materials handling challenges.

The association with lift trucks began with Caterpillar Inc.'s acquisition of Towmotor Corporation in 1965. Since that time, our involvements in the field of materials handling has been characterised by a tradition of innovation and excellence. Cat® Lift Trucks product quality and service-oriented reputation has become a standard of reference throughout the industry.

When you deal with Cat® Lift Trucks, you are dealing with a professional whose primary goal is to help you find the optimum materials handling solution for your business. With Cat Lift Trucks, you have a constant link to technological evolution. And you are assured of premium quality and service excellence at all times.

Who we are

Over eighty years ago, a man named Lester M. Sears decided it might be a good idea to adapt a farm tractor for industrial use. His ‘Model L’‚ may look a bit funny now, but it was packed with new ideas - and it totally transformed materials handling forever.

Lester’s first truck featured innovations that have become standard in the lift truck industry, including under-the-load front wheel drive, rear-wheel steering, hydraulic lifting and tilting and equal high-speed forward and reverse gears.

  • In 1965 Caterpillar acquired the company Lester started - Towmotor – and formed Cat® Lift Trucks. We like to think we’re direct descendants of Lester’s, sharing the same commitment to new ideas, practical solutions and legendary reliability (that Model L prototype worked hard for 30 years before finally retiring).
  • In 1992 Caterpillar formed a joint venture with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Ltd to combine technological, financial and marketing strengths in the production of materials handling equipment. Since that time we have operated from corporate headquarters in Almere, the Netherlands. Today, we continue to work closely together.
  • Cat® forklifts and warehouse equipment are among the best-built trucks in the business. Our range includes electric, diesel, petrol, LPG counterbalance forklifts, as well as a complete range of warehouse equipment. And they’re all backed by the best dealers in the business - your local Cat® lift trucks dealers - as well as over 80 years of real world experience.

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