These economical light reach trucks are the most compact in our reach truck collection and are ideal for use in the narrowest of warehouse aisles.

Designed for light and medium duties at heights up to 7.25 metres, they are highly manoeuvrable and efficient reach trucks with all the quality you would expect from a Cat® product.

Save time, money and space with this Cat light reach truck range

Drivers of these light reach trucks can operate quickly and precisely, with minimum effort, thanks to the Palm Steering unit and multifunctional joystick – each with an adjustable armrest. Just 1.12 metres wide, and giving unbeatable all-round views, the trucks are ideally suited to working in tight warehouse spaces.

Drive and hydraulic functions are automatically speed-controlled, according to steering angle and lift height, for rapid but smooth and safe action. For further safety and stability, tilting masts are fitted as standard and the Mast Tilt Control (MTC) damping system can be optionally specified.

Time and money are saved by our reach trucks’ robust and wear-resistant construction, user-friendly display with onboard diagnostics, and quick service access features. Good examples of cost-saving design include the heavy duty drive wheel, and accessibility for battery checks without leaving the truck.

Perfect reach truck application matching

All three of these light reach truck models share the space-saving narrow chassis, but the NR14N3C also has a tapered overhead guard (optional), for drive-in racking, and can be equipped with optional rail guidance wheels. As with all of our reach trucks, perfect matching with application and driver needs is possible through programming and option selection.

  • Robust construction minimises damage and wear, even in demanding multi-shift operations.
  • Heavy duty drive wheel is highly durable and easy to maintain, with a larger diameter, extra width and unique tread design which increase grip and stability as well as lifetime.
  • User-friendly display and onboard diagnostics encourage correct use of truck and speed up maintenance.
  • PIN code identification and programmability prevent unauthorised use and allow matching of truck performance settings to driver experience and application.
  • Easy battery access enables driver to make quick checks without leaving the truck.
  • Fast service access to systems and components reduces downtime

  • Automatic drive speed reduction makes smooth adjustments according to steering angle and fork height to maintain stability, safety and confidence when cornering or carrying raised loads.
  • Automatic hydraulic motion control optimises lift, lower, reach, tilt and side shift speeds according to lift height and keeps all movements smooth, quiet and precise. (Standard on NR14N3C, optional on others.)
  • Mast Tilt Control (MTC) damping system reduces oscillations by up to 80%, allowing faster and more stable load handling.
  • Tilting mast reduces aisle width necessary and enhances safety of handling.
  • 360-degree steering option enables fluid turning without stopping to change direction.
  • Fast travel and lift speeds come as standard.
  • Small chassis (1.12 m wide) is ideal for working in tight spaces.
  • Drive-in racking adaptations on NR14N3C include the options of tapered overhead guard and extra wheels for rail guidance.

  • Palm Steering on adjustable floating armrest offers relaxed driving position and operation with minimal movement, effort or strain – ideal if driver is seated for long periods.
  • Multifunctional joystick with adjustable armrest fits hand perfectly, positions all hydraulic controls optimally, minimises effort and enables precise individual and simultaneous actions.
  • Optional fingertip hydraulic controls with adjustable armrest ensure ergonomically perfect hand positioning, anatomical support and free movement.
  • Spacious driver’s compartment with high roof safely and comfortably accommodates users of all sizes.
  • Excellent all-round view is enabled by design of mast, fork carriage, overhead bars, pillars and chassis, and by use of dark, non-reflective paint.
  • Intuitive display keeps drivers fully informed and is optimally positioned and angled for clear viewing.
  • Direction control is switched using accelerator pedal, leaving right hand free to concentrate on hydraulic functions.
  • Automotive pedal layout is intuitive to car drivers, while ‘dead man’ safety switch is effortlessly activated by the weight of the left foot.
  • Smooth entry and exit are aided by ergonomic grab handles and low intermediate step with non-slip surface.
  • Standard safety features include operator presence switch, mast lock system and automatic parking brake.

NR12N3L 1200 600 Electric
NR14N3L 1400 600 Electric
NR14N3C 1400 600 Electric