Our strong and durable Cat® DP180-230NE diesel counterbalance forklifts are equipped to handle huge loads on difficult sites.

They offer high strength, lifting speed, traction and gradeability for every situation. Their quick and precisely controlled performance, together with ergonomic design, gives a satisfying driver experience that further enhances productivity.

Key features of these diesel forklifts include an advanced turbocharged engine. It’s amongst the strongest, fastest and most efficient in its class. This combines with smooth, responsive, three-speed, automatic powershift transmission for optimum results. Fully hydrostatic assisted steering, together with a small turning circle, makes our diesel forklifts impressively agile. They also save time through electronic forward-reverse direction changes, which can be made without stopping.

Drivers of our large diesel lift trucks are treated to a spacious operating compartment with clear all-round vision. They enjoy a fully suspended and adjustable seat with a swivel function. Swivelling makes it easier to enter, exit or turn around to look behind. Ergonomically positioned, low-effort controls are easy to reach and use. Vibration and noise levels are low. For greater luxury, we can fit an optional weatherproof cabin with extra choices including a high-capacity air conditioner, heater and defroster.

Our DP180-230NE diesel counterbalance forklifts are built for long life and non-stop action – whatever the conditions. They’re resistant to damage and wear and they require minimal maintenance. You can even choose the time-saving option of a time-saving central lubrication system. These factors, together with great fuel efficiency, lower the trucks’ total cost of operation (TCO).

Typical applications of Cat 18.0 to 23.0 tonne diesel forklift trucks:

  • Empty container handling
  • Stevedoring
  • Metal industries
  • Lumber
  • Concrete, stone, clay and glass
  • Industrial machinery and equipment
  • Distribution centres
  • Brick and stone

  • Robust steel frame designed using Finite Element Analysis gives a durable structure whose low centre of gravity also enhances residual capacity.
  • Fully floating drive axle adds extra durability and capacity compared to semi- or non-floating alternatives.
  • Steer axle construction as a single solid unit maximises strength and rigidity.
  • Dependable engine and strong resistance of all truck components to damage and wear helps minimise repair and service bills.
  • Wet multi-disc parking brake is highly durable and maintenance-free.
  • Double element air cleaner protects engine from dirty intake air, even in the harshest environments.
  • Intuitive display ensures awareness of truck’s electrical and mechanical conditions, encouraging careful use.
  • Easy and quick access to all areas for routine checks and maintenance keeps truck in sound working condition, saves time and reduces expense.
  • Central lubrication system option saves time by using a manual pump to grease main components from one point.
  • LED lights give low energy consumption, long life and robust resistance to vibrations.
  • Automatic transmission mode select switch can be set to ‘economy’ for lower fuel consumption.

  • Advanced engine is designed for both strength and speed – enabling fast lifting and handling of massive loads, as well as high traction and gradient performance.
  • Automatic transmission in drive train converts engine power directly into torque, with three forward and three reverse speeds, to tackle heavy-duty applications effectively.
  • Low-speed torque delivers controlled but powerful acceleration for maximum productivity, while fast-response turbocharger further enhances driver experience and output.
  • Automatic transmission mode select switch can be set to ‘power’ for highest performance.
  • Design of frame and counterweight optimises weight distribution and residual capacity for strong lifting.
  • Large fuel tank capacity prolongs operating time per refuel and reduces risk of running out during shifts.

  • Noise and vibration limitation features include rubber-mounted key components, fully insulated steel engine hood and helical transmission gears.
  • Conveniently placed grab bars and steps ease access to spacious, comfortable operator compartment with ergonomically arranged controls and great all-round visibility.
  • Tiltable steering column, adjustable full-suspension seat and generous legroom allow each user to find the perfect driving position.
  • Seat swivel function gives added comfort when entering and exiting the cab, and when turning to look behind.
  • Optional floating weatherproof cabin is mounted with shock absorbers and can be fitted with further comfort options, including high-capacity air conditioner, heater and defroster, to keep driver productive even in extreme conditions.
  • Pillarless weatherproof cabin design eliminates blind spots.
  • Counterweight design allows small turning circle and clear view to the rear for precise manoeuvring – aided by rear-view mirrors.
  • Mast with narrow channels and small-diameter lift cylinders increases forward vision and uses six load rollers with side rollers to achieve high load stability.
  • Fully hydrostatic assisted steering via small-diameter steering wheel ensures accurate and rapid response with little effort.
  • Electrically controlled direction change lever permits easy and smooth shifting between forward and reverse travel, without removing hands from steering wheel, at any speed up to 4.0 km/h.
  • Turn signal lever combined with light switch adds convenience (and returns to neutral when wheels are straightened).
  • Presence Detection System (PDS) gives audible warning if seat belt is not fastened and prevents all travel and hydraulic movement if operator is not correctly seated.
  • Electrically controlled parking brake switch secures truck with minimal effort.
  • Brake air drier removes moisture from compressed air to reduce failure risk and – in cold weather – prevents freezing of brake line.
  • Neutral safety lock device prevents engine from starting if direction lever is in forward or reverse position.
  • LED lighting is standard, including headlights and rear combination of turn signal, tail, stop, reverse and side lights, for maximum vision and safety.
  • High-volume reversing buzzer option offers alternative to standard unit for noisy workplaces.

DP180NE 1800 900 Diesel
DP200NE 20000 900 Diesel
DP230NE 23000 900 Diesel