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A leading manufacturer of counterbalance forklift trucks

At Cat® Lift Trucks we design and manufacture counterbalance forklift trucks for every application. We’re one of the leading manufacturers of materials handling equipment, including a market-leading range of counterbalance forklift trucks designed to assist with many applications and withstand even the harshest of environments.

Our comprehensive counterbalance forklift range enables us to supply you with the best forklifts to get the job done. Our renowned build quality, coupled with safety innovations such as the ‘Presence Detection System’ (PDS and PDS+), gives our counterbalance forklift trucks a competitive edge; helping you to improve your operational efficiency.

Our impressive counterbalance forklift truck range:

Our counterbalance forklift truck range consists of three different types. We offer two engine powered counterbalance forklift truck power sources, diesel models and LPG models, as well as a complete range of electric powered counterbalance forklift trucks. Designed with durability and usability at the forefront, our counterbalance forklifts are perfect for use in:

  • Storage units
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centres
  • Factories
  • Building supply yards
  • Any other location where loading, stacking and horizontal transport functions are carried out

Engine powered counterbalance forklift trucks

With our customers’ needs in mind, we make sure that our advanced engine powered technology gives you the levels of performance necessary to meet the requirements of your modern business. Each of our counterbalance forklift trucks includes easy-to-use features common in every Cat lift truck and a range of optional extras to ensure you get the configuration best suited to your needs.

Our diesel-powered models are designed and built for dependable performance in any application and have the power to cope with the challenge of outdoor conditions and demanding duty cycles.

We also offer a range of LPG forklift trucks which are flexible enough for both indoor and outdoor usages. An attractive alternative to regular diesel, our LPG counterbalance forklifts provide power and torque with minimal emissions and excellent fuel economy.

Take a closer look at one of our engine powered forklifts:

Electric powered counterbalance forklift trucks

Whatever materials handling task you need fulfilling, Cat Lift Trucks offers you one of the most dependable and complete counterbalance forklift ranges in the industry. Our electric pneumatic and cushion tyre lift trucks deliver controllable, programmable performance for the safe handling of different loads such as glass, bricks and plastics. The advanced clean green AC power gives you greater performance, longer shift cycles and simpler maintenance; particularly beneficial in heavier applications, more demanding conditions and extreme temperatures.

Take a closer look at our electric counterbalance forklift trucks:

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